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Snow Queen - 1 and 2 parts. Re-freeze. Cartoon Hd


ОI am glad that a thaw has arrived in our country and good modern cartoons have begun to appear, capable of competing with their Western counterparts in the near future. After all, the more there will be cartoons, the more will be happy children's faces and kindness. 

The Snow Queen. 1 part. Watch cartoon online in good quality HD

Snow Queen (2012) / Cartoon

Snow Queen (2012) / Cartoon

The Snow Queen. Part 2. Re-freezing. Cartoon watch free HD 

2 Snow Queen: Perezamorozka (2014) / Cartoon

2 Snow Queen: Perezamorozka (2014) / Cartoon

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The plot is based on the classic story of H.H. Andersen. However, the filmmakers moved away from the classic vision of the plot - new characters appeared in the film - all according to the canons of modern animation (Gerda's friends are the beautiful weasel Luta with white wool and the funny Troll Orm, who leads Gerda to the Snow Queen's castle, all of them are no worse than Mulan or Rapunzel), the old characters from the fairy tale were slightly modified, a large number of dynamics and special effects appeared. The only moment - in some places it is rather drawn-out and gloomy - in particular in the scenes associated with the Queen.

The task of any cartoon is to teach good deeds. And in this, despite the changes in the plot compared to the classic version and the authors' own vision, everything is as it should be. Family, friendship and kindness - these are the main values ​​that this cartoon carries. Family is the most important thing a person has. And Gerda, throughout her entire journey, is trying to convey this idea to those heroes she meets, uniting them. Friendship is what saves and revives human feelings in the soul of a vile troll, such as love and a desire to help when a friend is in trouble.

Evil can not be defeated by evil, only kindness can help to melt the ice.


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