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Neighbors 2 new season (2019) watch online for free all comedy series

Smotret serial sosedi 2 sezon 2019 youtebem.com

Watch the movie new Neighbors 2 season 2019 online all series in a row for free Russia

About the plot of the series “Neighbors 2 and 3 New Season” 2019 all series in a row 1- 8 / Comedy / Melodrama / Russia

РUssky comedy series "Neighbors" 2 season 2019 online will tell you that the war between the two families is still going on. In the new season, the confrontation between Shirshikov and Korablev will be long and merciless. At this time, new tenants arrive in their village. The Shchukins decided not so long ago that it was time to move to Kolotilovo, they were settled in a house, which is located directly opposite the houses, where the irreconcilable battle of two families is taking place.

The appearance of a new family in the village gives a new wave of confrontation, and Tatiana finally ends her patience. She decides to call her mother out of the city, who must finally drive her brain into her son-in-law. Shirshikov, of course, is not happy to see his relative, and this state of affairs causes only indignation in a man. And what about the neighbors ship? Guests came to them too.

Olga's father decided to move in with his daughter, but it is not known for how long, and all because he has nowhere to live. Leonid Arkadyevich of the kind of people who are accustomed to bet all, and even that does not belong to them. Therefore, he lost not only his apartment, but his daughter’s apartment. This visit does not cause joy to the family, but you can’t put your own father on the street! At this time, big changes and events that are able to surprise every day are selected to the village, and the viewer will know about them very soon.

Trailer | Premiere 29 April 2019


Watch the comedy movie “Neighbors 2 - 3 season"2019 all series in a row for free online

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Neighbors 2,3 new season - Information about the series and the release date:

A country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Vinogradov
Writer: Ivan Dombrovsky
Operator: Vasily Wide
Composers: Boris Kiner, Alexander Prokopovich
Producer: Andrei Tartakov
Actors: Evgeny Sidikhin, Elena Valyushkina, Vladimir Timofeev, Julia Aug, Konstantin Chepurin, Mikhail Vaskov, Alexander Semchev, Evgeny Serov, Julia Tomashevskaya, Konstantin Beloshapka, Daria Semenova, Natalya Tetenova, Andrei Tartakov, Julia Serina, Mikhail Parygin, Irina Lazareva, Alexander Palchikov, Raisa Pashchenko, Alexander Semikopenko, Semyon Furman, Larisa Negreeva-Tseslyak, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Lyubov Zaytseva, Konstantin Bykov

Premiere: 29 April 2019 (Russia channel 1)
Series: 8
Genre: Comedy, melodrama

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