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Specialist serial (2019) watch online for free detective

Smotret serial specialist 2019 online detektiv

Multi-part film on the channel NTV specialist 2019 online detective

About the plot of the series “Specialist” 2019 Action | Detective | Russia | NTV channel

Гlove hero 2019 online action series “Specialist” young man Dmitry (Sergey Zharkov). In his life lately, things are not going the best way. It turns out that the hero is a bounty hunter and he is already tired of his work. She just fed up with him, because he can no longer do what he is forced to do. Each new task for him is just a disaster, although in this case he is the best of the best.

It remains only to hope that he will cope with all the difficulties that may arise in his way. His long-time dream is to open a coffee shop where he can work normally and this will bring him the very joy. But to do this, you have to perform the last task. As a result of his execution, he encounters his sworn enemy Boatsman.

Between them for many years hostility and in the end no one could even suggest that at one moment the situation would change dramatically. They save each other's lives and now both decide to quit the job. They are ready to start a truly new life, but things will not be as easy as they imagined. It happens that the guys are in big trouble and now they have to urgently get out of them. Will it succeed or nothing good will come of it?

The series “Specialist” 2019 watch online for free hd 720 all series in a row 1-8

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Смотреть TV series "Specialist»2019 Online film on YouTube in good quality HD 720 for free all series in a row 1-8 fighter with Zharkov on NTV channel - you can also on tablets and smartphones android, ipad, iphone (iPad, iPhone, Android) and on other mobile devices smotret serial specialist 2019 online besplatno ntv on entertainment site youtebem.com
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Specialist - Information about the series:

A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Anshyutts
Actors: Sergey Zharkov, Evgeny Dakot, Svetlana Bryukhanova, Anastasia Chepelyuk, Alexander Gerasimov, Alyona Novitskaya, Nikolai Schreiber, Vasily Shmakov

Premiere: 28 January 2019 (NTV)
Series: 8
Genre: Thriller, crime movie, detectives online



Images from the series “Specialist” 2019 NTV | Photos of actors


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