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About the plot of the film “Wish list / List of bazhan” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-4 / Melodrama / Ukraine

В the center of attention is a young pretty girl named Maria Sinitsyna (Olga Grishina), working in a travel company as a manager. Until some time in her life, everything remained banal and predictable. However, soon the heroine series “Wish List” 2018 Online report her extremely serious illness.

The severity of the situation gives the fact that the father Sinitsyna suffered from a similar ailment, and as a result, he died from oncology. Masha's fears are beginning to acquire a larger scale, but she does not intend to calmly wait for the last hour. The girl decides to make a wish listwhich is required to implement before leaving the other world. At first, Maria is engaged in changing wardrobe and appearance, and then goes to a ski resort, where she gets acquainted with a wonderful young man.

Soon, the girl feels attracted to the guy and involuntarily falls in love with him. In these moments, Sinitsyna has an incentive to fight the disease and to believe with all her might in a good future, but her health is deteriorating and is approaching the forecasts of specialists. So it turns out that doctors take forced measures and tell her companion about the deplorable situation of the newly-made friend ...


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Country: Ukraine
Director: Elena Kobylinskaya, Ksenia Bugrimova
Scenario: Olga Krzhechevskaya, Valentina Shevyakhova, Anna Anosova
Producer: Ksenia Bugrimova, Alexander Bykov
Operator: Alexey Kalin
Production: LLC STB TV Channel
Genre: Melodrama

Cast: Olga Grishina, Dmitry Mukhin, Artemy Egorov, Daria Barikhashvili, Lyudmila Titova, Alexey Vertinsky, Akhtem Seitablaev, Victoria Agalakova, Vladimir Zayets, Natalya Dolya, Artyom Poznyak, Evgeniya Myakenkaya, Viktor Dyomin, Snezhana Egorova, Vlyachin , Vladlen Portnikov, Lyudmila Ardelyan, Yulia Motruk

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Список желаний сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама hd 720 Youtebem.com
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