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Standards of Beauty series (2018) watch online melodrama

Smotret serial Standarti krasoti 2018 film online youtebem.com
Стандарты красоты сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама

About the plot of the multiseries film “Beauty Standards” 2018 online / 4 series / Melodrama / Russia 

Мelodramatic soap opera about treason and love “Standards of beauty” 2018 online begins his instructive life story about the attractive person Catherine (Svetlana Kolpakova), who twelve years ago, met with an incredibly beautiful, caring and attentive person who turned into her life partner. The couple has a wonderful daughter, literally bathed in love and adoration of parents.

It seems that the characters live an ideal life, which definitely does not disturb any troubles. But fate - Mrs. severe, so she likes to throw a variety of unforeseen "surprises". At some point, a woman finds out that her hubby is a banal traitor. For the first time in a long time, she begins to experience an overwhelming disgust for him.

Katya does not understand why the beloved found a mistress, and what he lacked in the family atmosphere. Betrayal of a man destroys the former harmony. Instead of asking for forgiveness, the scoundrel begins to reproach the heroine and shift the burden of guilt onto her. He states that the former sportswoman and beauty has long been reincarnated as an ordinary housewife, shrouded in boredom and dullness. Because of such a statement, Katerina falls into depression. Unable to endure the tense situation, she takes her daughter and abandons the traitor. Now her main goal is a new life!


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You can watch the second part of the series here ⇒ 2 Beauty Standards: New Love

Beauty Standards - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia
Director: Vlad Yakin
Screenwriters: Anastasia Zarubebeeva, Evgenia Tabakov
Operator: Dmitry Konchev
Composer: Daniel Kalashnik
Artist: Anna Nevolina
Producers: Alexey Moiseev, Oleg Piganov, Julia Razumovskaya, Nelli Vysotskaya, Alexander Maryagin, Anna Kaminska

Actors: Svetlana Kolpakova, Kseniya Ilyasova, Anastasia German, Irina Rozanova, Anatoly Uzdensky, Alexei Grishin Andrey Kurnosov, Anton Vasiliev, Daria Feklenko Karina Zvereva Anna Galliamova, Daniel White, Anna Potebnya Asya Kalinin Evgeniy Plitkin Elena Elena Valyushkina, Dmitry Mazurov, Kirill Ivanchenko, Alexander Stefantsov, Yanina Bugrova, Natalia Tishchenko
Production: Epic Media
Premiere: December 17 2018 (Internet) (Russia )
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama

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