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Stitchers / Stitchers series (2018) watch online all seasons fantastic

smotret serial sshivateli 2015 3 sezon vse serii

Stitchers / Сшиватели сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн все сезоны фантастика

About the plot of the fantastic TV series "Stitchers" 2015-2018 3 seasons - Drama | Crime

Гthe main character of the fascinating American series “Staplers” season 1,2,3 young charming girl Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), which lives quite a normal life. The beauty studies at university and not bad copes with various everyday and student difficulties. Everything is going as well as possible, but recently her close friend is dying. She understands that this is a real tragedy, but it is also terrible that for some unknown reason she is accused of a crime.

To somehow get out of this trap, she is trying to find excuses. But federal agents who are ready to help her in this matter are turning to her. The girl agrees, but in return they ask her about one favor. As it turned out, the main character has a very interesting ability. She can read the thoughts of dead people and communicate with them in some mysterious mystical way.

This allows you to find out who killed the person and therefore it will be very useful for the authorities. Now Kirsten begins to work for the government decides to do everything possible to cope with this difficult task. She begins to connect her mind with dead people and does everything to find out without any problems who the real criminal is. The heroine of the fantastic series does a good job with her work, but soon she will have to face difficulties that will change her whole life drastically.



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The slogan of the series: "Memories never die"

Country: USA
Screenplay: Jeff Schechter, Lynn E. Litt, April Fitzsimmons
Composer: Kurt Farquhar
Producer: Lynn E. Litt, Jonathan Baruch, David Rossell
Directors: Steve Miner, Rob J. Greenlee, J. Miller Tobin
Camera: John Newby, Eduardo Enrique Mayen, Paul Maybaum

Actors: Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan, Sally Richardson-Whitfield, Allison Scallotti
Damon Daub, Sola Bemis, Ross Kurt Le, Cameron Britton, Chelsea Vincent
Production: Prodco
Genre: Fantastic, crime, drama
Time: 60 min. / 01:00

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