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One Hundred Days of Freedom TV Series (2019) watch online a military movie online

Smotret serial sto dnei svobody 2019 online youtebem.com

Watch the film 100 days of freedom 2019 war movie with Alexander Mikhailov all series

About the plot of the series “One Hundred Days of Freedom” 2019 online / 4 series / Adventure / Drama / History / Channel One / Russia

гmilitary hero the series "One Hundred Days of Freedom" 2019 online Petr Avdeich (Alexander Mikhailov) - a prisoner, unjustly accused. Peter is an elderly man who spent ten years in prison. He was accused of participating in counter-revolutionary propaganda in relation to the government of the Soviet Union of the Socialist Republics.

Here the protagonist emerged from prison, courageously enduring all the hardships of life behind bars and under the supervision of overseers. Now he will retain his freedom by all means. Returning home, he notices that his hut is completely dilapidated, squinting. Once friendly neighbors began to shun him.

No one will even share his problems. The children of the key character send their daughter Lisa to help. However, the granddaughter with her chosen one is clearly unhappy with the trip.
Now in the yard 19 June 1941 year. No one expects a surprise attack by German troops. Three days later, soldiers of the German state occupy the village. At gunpoint all the inhabitants.

Fascist units need their own in the occupied village. Around already gathered troops of courageous and dedicated partisans. The Germans offer an elderly man to work for them, being under guaranteed protection. Moreover, the old man has no reason to love and defend Soviet power.

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A country: Russia

100 days of freedom 2019 1 channel - Release date and series information:

Director: Timur Alpatov
Screenwriter: Dmitry Miropolsky
Operator: Rafik Galeev
Artist: Alexander Gilyarevsky
Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Nelly Yaralova, Elena Denisevich Actors: Alexander Mikhailov, Sofya Sinitsyna, Nikita Tarasov, Ivan Dubrovsky, Dmitry Frid, Vladimir Steklov, Vladislav Tashbulatov, Vera Kolesnikova

Premiere: Update 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 4
Genre: War films, films about the Great Patriotic War, история, history of the USSR, Adventures, drama



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The official Instagram of actress Sofya Sinicina / Photo - Video


Images from the series “One Hundred Days of Freedom” 2019 Russia - Channel One | Photos of actors


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