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Смотреть фильм "Сториз" СТС 2020 сериал все серии подряд комедия HD 720-1080

About the plot of the series "Storey" 2020-2021 online / Sketch / Comedy / 1-2 seasons / Channel STS

НThe new fascinating and intriguing series "Stories" 2021 online will show, to all those who know how to appreciate humor and jokes, comedic sketches from the life of the leading characters. All participants in the story are people of various statuses, preferences and interests.

Fans will be able to see in a new role such stars as Yulia Mikhalkova, Igor Chekhov, Dima Kolchin and other famous actors. The creators promise the audience unforgettable spectacles and, of course, an ocean of positive emotions and good mood. The extravagant activist will fight for the environment in every possible way.

The unrestrained alcoholic will demonstrate fantastic resourcefulness aimed at obtaining the cherished grams for the next drunk. No less surprising will be the weird verdict of a certain judge, who gave a person a sentence for a too long audio message.

And the blogger is a grandmother, so passionate about a hobby on the Internet that she can give odds to any young professional. There will be a lot more that can really make fans laugh and amaze them, winning their hearts. Do not miss the next episode, which guarantees you an unforgettable evening and a lot of funny jokes, phrases and scenes.

Trailer of the "Stories" series | Premiere 19 July 2021

Watch the series "Stories 1,2 season" 2020-2021 all episodes 1-13 in a row in good quality hd 720-1080


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Russian TV series "Stories / Stories" 2020 - Release date and information about the series: 

A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Potapov
Operator: Alexey Malinkovich
Producers: Vyacheslav Murugov, Maxim Rybakov, Anton Fedotov, Dmitry Tabarchuk, David Kocharov, Vladimir Neklyudov, Said Davdiev, Sergei Arlanov, Alexandra Belyavskaya, Maria Badina, Nikolai Banasevich, Ruslan Danilevich

Actors: Yulia Mikhalkova, Anton Lirnik, Igor Chekhov, Oleg Vereshchagin, Dmitry Kolchin, Olga Kuzmina, Valeria Shkirando, Daniil Vakhrushev

Production: Art Pictures Vision, Goose Goose Films
Premiere: 10 August 2020, 19 July 2021
Episode: Season 1 13, Season 2 Episode 20
Genre: Humorcomedy, sketches


Images from the series "Stories" 2020 / Comedy on STS channel | Photos of actors



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