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Guardians of the Fatherland series (2019) watch online all series for free action

Smotret serial strazhi otchizni 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Стражи Отчизны 2019 онлайн боевик все серии подряд в качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the series “Guards of the Fatherland” 2019 Action | Russia | 5 Channel 

МMany people do not even realize that there are real heroes in this world who risk their lives to save the country. They are called Guardians and they belong to a secret division, of which very few people have ever heard. Thanks to these people you can feel safe even temporarily. They risk their own lives and try to do everything possible so that there is no trouble.

For their long work heroes series “Guardians of the Fatherland” 2019 online made a considerable amount of useful things and therefore can feel proud of it. And just recently, a high-ranking person who made a series of mistakes appeals to them for help. His daughter was kidnapped and in order to avoid her death, he had to go on about the terrorists. Now he knows some of their plans and soon a terrorist attack is being prepared, which will have to be urgently prevented.

This can be done only through the main characters of the action-packed action movie, who are determined to go to their goal until the very end. They have no idea what they can expect at the end of the journey, so it remains to just hope for a positive result, which will not make the guys wait. How will this end and what will be the outcome of this fascinating situation in reality?

The series “Guardians of the Fatherland” 2019 all series in a row 1-8 watch is free online hd 720 


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Guardians of the Fatherland on Channel 5 - Information about the series:

A country: Russia

Director: Mikhail Kolpakhchiev
Screenwriters: Mikhail Kolpakhchiev, Alexander Andreev
Operator: Sergey Chistyakov
Composer: Serge Greeks
Artist: Stanislav Tsvechkovsky
Producers: Yuri Shalimov, Marina Belova, Mikhail Kolpakhchiev, Marina Fomenko, Ilya Lobanov
Casting Director: Inna Safarova

Actors: Sergey Vorobyov, Dmitry Lavrov, Daria Lenda, Yakov Shamshin, Alexander Slastin, Peter Zhuravlev, Alla Emintseva, Andrey Kuznetsov, Christina Ubels, Yuri Utkin, Nikolai Smirnov, Alexander Lazarev, Igor Kolosov, Ekaterina Zorina, Lev Letov, Anton Bagmet Niele Meilut, Andrey Shipitsyn, Alexander Kolesnik, Sergey Blednykh, Alena Kononova and others

Production: Channel Five
Premiere: March 3 2019
Series: 8
Genre: Thriller

The official instagram actress Darya Lenda (Darya Lenda) / Photo - Video

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Stills from the film "Guardians of the Fatherland" 2019 Action 5 channel | Photos of actors



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