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Sultan of my heart serial (2019) watch online for free

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Султан моего сердца сериал (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the Russian-Turkish series “The Sultan of My Heart / Kalbimin Sultanı” 2019 online for free all series in a row 1-24 

ЛYubov is stronger than prejudices and circumstances. Two parallel universes meet in a fabulous way in the Russian-Turkish series "The Sultan of My Heart" 2019 online - the emperor of a great state in the past and an ordinary girl from Russia. Mahmoud II (Ali Ersan Duru), the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, meets Anna (Alexandra Nikiforova), who arrived in Istanbul with his father. Her dad is one of the many employees of the Russian embassy in the Turkish city.

This trip was a girl's dream for a long time, because from a very young age she read books in a foreign language and constantly opened herself to something new, dreaming of becoming a linguist or translator. When she met her, Mahmud was genuinely amazed at Anna’s knowledge and, without thinking twice, invites her to work as a teacher of languages ​​for her children. She refuses, knowing the rules of this country and the unacceptability of such a proposal.

A colleague of Anna's father still convinces her to agree, so she appears in the house of the ruler for the first time. Of course, everything is not as good as it could be in words: the children are disobedient and scatter at the very beginning of the lesson, Mahmud's concubines are jealous of the heroine and come up with ways to spoil. They did not lose, and soon the innocent beauty begins to feel attracted to a man, and he reciprocates. Will something come out of the love of two completely different people?


Watch the series “Sultan of my heart / Kalbimin Sultanı” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-24

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Country: Russia, Turkey

The Sultan of My Heart - FILM INFORMATION:

Director: Kerem Chakyroglu
Screenwriter: Neil Gulech Unsal
Operator: Cengiz Fazlioglu
Composer: Ugur Yshik
Producers: Burkhan Ozkan, Janik Fayziev, Rafael Minasbekyan, Alexander Bondarev
Actors: Alexandra Nikiforova, Ali Ersan Duru, Emel Cholgechen, Tansel Ongel, Dmitry Shcherbina, Andrei Rudensky, Alexander Sokolovsky, Olesya Fattakhova, Ilya Shakunov, Best Kekdemir, Tunger Salman, Taner Roumeli, Bulent Seyran

Production: KIT Film Studio, Maya Productions, Global Connection International Media Group.
Premiere: June 13 2018 (Turkey), January 8 2019 (Channel One)

Series: 24
Genre: Melodrama, films about love, historical films




  1. YOLANDA He speaks

    Hi, is there any subtitles? At least the 3 and 22,23.

    1. merkator He speaks

      Hello, YOLANDA! Unfortunately, we do not have such an opportunity.

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