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Смотреть передачу Супер Айза 2020 шоу онлайн все выпуски и сезоны подряд на ютубе hd 720-1080

About the plot of the reality show “Super Isa” 2020 on the channel Super / Russia

нA marketing project from the “Super” channel of the “Aiza” 2020 reality show online, produced by Ksenia Sobchak, will open the curtain of life of famous and shocking personalities. They can talk with their fans about their problems without hesitation. This time, under the gun of the cameras, the famous blogger, host Aiza Anokhina.

The sensational star has something to tell the audience about: a loud divorce from rapper Guf, unsuccessful, subsequent marriage with Dmitry Anokhin, psychological problems of the child. Viewers can learn all these and many other details from the girl’s life in the new TV show.

Isa feels free in front of the film crew and does not hesitate to appear after plastic surgery and without makeup. A rap singer can calmly talk about life in marriage, and take out all the secrets to a general court, and the heroine calmly talks about lawsuits and problems related to the issues of raising children that arose after the second divorce.

Previously, the project was attended by no less famous socialite, Yana Rudkovskaya, whose life was also under the guns of cameras. To keep abreast of life and get to know more outrageous celebrities, watch the Super TV show.

Trailer | Premiere 6 Jun 2020


Telecast “Super Isa” 2020 watch online for free all issues in a row | Russia 

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    • Genres: Shows, reality show
    • Year of creation: 2020
    • Release date in RF: 6 June 2020
    • A country: Russia
    • TV channel: Super
    • Actors and team: Ksenia Sobchak, Aiza Anokhina


Instagram | The official Instagram of the host Aiza Anokhina (Aiza ​​Anokhina) / Photo / Video

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Images from the show “Super Aiza” 2020 | Photo host and participants




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