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Сувенир из Одессы сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно все серии

About the plot of the series “Souvenir from Odessa” 2018 | Detective | Melodrama | Crime | Ukraine

иstory-detective Ukrainian series “Souvenir from Odessa” 2018 online, will lead the story about toOlitom town located not far from the Black Sea, which never belonged to a peaceful place. Under the Russian Empire, heterogeneous criminals became the basic population here. Petty thieves, brutal robbers and murderers with their manic inclinations. The situation did not appear in the best light after the 1972 revolution of the year.

Having taken control of their control, the Bolsheviks only aggravated the situation, deciding to bring the inveterate criminals under amnesty. A striking example is the famous Gregory Kotovsky, a hijacker known throughout the district, who later appeared as a party leader. There were also many personalities among Odessans, the consequences of whose actions were felt for a long time in the city.

Seven times the power was replaced one after another for three years. The townspeople had to drag out a miserable existence in suspense and unpredictability. The focus is on the relationship of Lisa and Matthew. Young people have sincere feelings, but they are hampered by circumstances. The criminal world, enveloping almost the entire area, touched the lovers who were subjected to gangster environment.


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A country: Ukraine

Suvenir from Odessa | Souvenir from Odessa - Information about the show:


Director: Oleg Turansky
Screenwriters: Andrei Kokotyuha, Irina Zhigalyuk
Operators: Alexey Tsvelodub, Ilya Melikhov
Composer: Vladimir Kripak
Artist: Alexander Teterin
Producers: Alexander Tkachenko, Elena Vasilyeva, Victoria Zabulonskaya, Alexander Omelyanov, Nadezhda Mirnaya, Daria Tregubova
Casting Director: Veronika Solntseva

Actors: Alexander Sokolovsky, Olga Vinichenko, Daniel Olbrykhsky, Stanislav Boklan, Larisa Udovichenko, Dmitry Sova, Dmitry Surzhikov, Gennady Popenko, Alexander Popov, Alexander Kobzar, Alexey Tritenko, Alexey Smolka, George Deliev, Alexey Vertinsky, Vladimir Goryansky and others.

Production: Sisters Production, Odessa Film Studio for the order of the channel 1 + 1
Premiere: March 19 2018 TV channel 1 + 1 Ukraine
Series: 12
Genre: Melodrama, criminal series online, detectives, история

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