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Matchmakers season 7 tv series (2021) watch online for free all episodes

Smotret serial svati 7 season 2020 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм "Сваты 7 сезон новый" 2020-2021 сериал все серии подряд комедия HD 720-1080

About the plot of the series "Matchmakers Season 7" 2021 online / Comedy / 16 episodes / Ukraine

НThe new long-awaited comedy series "Matchmakers 7 Season" 2020 online, which has fallen in love with the Russian viewer from the first season, will be released again this fall. Once again, it will immerse the viewer in the life of two families: Budko - villagers, and Kovalevs - city intellectuals. These seemingly different families will be united by their granddaughter Zhenya and her brother and sister.

In the next season, the main characters will be transported in their dreams to the XNUMXth century, and will appear before us in the role of landowners. We will see Valentina and Ivan in their youth, and learn the history of their acquaintance. In addition, this season is filled with many new characters that the viewer has yet to meet.

The general idea of ​​the series remained unchanged: two completely different families became related when their children tied themselves by marriage. And no matter how this union upsets the intellectuals Kovalevs and the rednecks Budko, their children are happy together. Now both families are united by grandchildren, who should be given the right upbringing. But what about raising children without the advice of grandparents?

In this family, this is impossible. Only now their first granddaughter - Zhenechka - is already an adult and she already has her own problems, adults. Therefore, Kovalev and Budko should now unite to raise two twins - a boy and a girl, who, by their behavior, can bring their grandparents to a heart attack.

Trailer of the series "Matchmakers Season 7" | Premiere 20 December 2021 

Watch the series "Matchmakers 7 season" 2021 all series 1-16 in a row in good quality hd 720-1080

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Ukrainian TV series "Matchmakers Season 7" 2021 - Release date and information about the series: 

A country: Russia

Director: Rustam Mosafir, Zaur Bolotaev
Screenplay: Maxim Vakhitov, Anton Kolbasov
Producers: Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, Taimuraz Badziev

Actors: Garik Kharlamov, Pavel Rassomakhin, Ekaterina Kovalchuk, Sergey Belov, Ekaterina Radchenko, Valeria Christiansen, Polina Galchenko, Artem Zatiev, Azamat Musagaliev, Karina Koestani and others.

Production: "Studio Kvartal-95", National State TV Company of the Republic of Belarus

Premiere: December 20, 2021 (Channel 1 + 1 Ukraine)
Series: 16
Genre: Humorcomedy


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Смотреть фильм "Сваты 7 сезон новый" 2020-2021 сериал все серии подряд комедия HD 720-1080

Images from the series "Matchmakers Season 7" 2021 / Comedy | Photos of actors


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