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Mystery Series (2019) Ukraine Watch Online Free Detective

Smotert serial tayni 2019 ukraina online youtebem.com

Тайны фильм 2019 Украина смотреть онлайн бесплатно все серии подряд

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Secrets / Tāmnitsi” 2019 Detective / Melodrama / Ukraine

Нbackyard 1944 year. In the spotlight 2019 online mystery series online turn out to be two small children. They began to communicate already at an early age and everyone called them an inseparable couple. So they were in fact and all childhood grew together. But once, fate decides to radically change their whole life. It happens that the boy's mother is found dead.

They accused his father of all this and put him in jail. Naturally, he remained committed alone and therefore he had to move to his closest relatives. They live in a completely different city and now the ways of the main characters of the Ukrainian film “Secrets” have diverged. As for the girl, her father just went missing. For a long time no one tried to look for her, and therefore she first began to live with her aunt and uncle. Then she even had to live in an orphanage, but she always believed that she would return to her hometown.

And now many years have passed and the main characters have matured. The guy turned into a real man and became an investigator. As for the girl, she became a charming beauty. Together they decide to return to their village and begin an investigation into their families. They will have a hard time coping with this situation, but they are confident that everything will be as good as possible. Will they find out the truth?

The series “Secrets” 2019 watch online for free hd 720 all series in a row 1-95 TRK Ukraine


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A country: Ukraine

Secrets / Tєmnitsі - Information about the show:

Directors: Sergey Kravets, Oleg Filipenko, Ekaterina Nekrasova, Sergey Sotnichenko, Evgeny Doronin
Screenwriters: Tatiana Gnedash, Anastasia Leshchinskaya, Elena Pislari
Operators: Maxim Baev, Sergey Nikiforov, Alexander Varlamov, Pavel Nebera
Composer: Alexander Cherny
Producers: Sergey Dubina, Olga Klimenko Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Evgeny Lyashchenko, Igor Volkov, Sergey Kravets, Sergey Baranov

Starring: Anastasia Poustovit Makar Tikhomirov, Sergey Kalantaev Irina Novak, Natalia Babenko, Daniel Mireshkin, Rimma Zyubin Konstantin Danyluk, Les Samaeva Konstantin Kostyshin Olesya Golub, Alexander Sokolov, Julia Pershuta, Zoe Baranowska, Artem Manuilov Inna Kapinos, Vladimir Lilitsky, Yevgeny Lebedin, Margarita Lapina, Lyubomir Valivots, Eva Shevchenko-Golovko, Taisiya Boyko, Marina Lyakh and others.

Production: Panopticum Film Company
Premiere: 8 January 2019 (TRC Ukraine)
Series: 95
Genre: Extremely melodrama, Ukrainian TV series online, detectives

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Images from the series “Secrets” 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors


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