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Secret Truths series (2015) watch online for free Brazil

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Тайные истины сериал (2015) смотреть онлайн бесплатно Бразилия мелодрама

About the plot of the series “Secret Truths / Verdades Secretas” 2015 / Drama / Melodrama / Brazil

Дred South America, Brazil, the chic metropolis of Sao Paulo, the heroine moves here series “Secret Truths” 2015 - charming provincial Arletta (Camila Queiroz) with his mother Carolina after having problems with his father in the family. The young beauty dreamed of becoming a model all her adult life. She has a striking appearance and she has all the data to succeed in her business.

After a while, she finally finds a place where they decide to take her for the modeling business. All that place is run by a woman named Fanny. She is the owner of this agency and it is with her help that Arlette will have to achieve great heights. To great joy, she quickly managed to get used to the new team and they began to invite her to secular evenings.

The main character of the youth series has finally understood what real life is and now it remains just to enjoy everything that is possible. Ahead of her hard work awaits, because still have to gain proper experience. But a naive girl could not even imagine that everything was actually done differently from what she had imagined.

It turns out that in this place where she now lives, there is an excursion service. Naturally, she had never guessed about this before, but now it is too late to step back. Fanny will not let her go, because very significant and dangerous people have become interested in the girl. What should she do?



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Secret Truths - Information about the series:
Country: Brazil
Director: Mauru Mendons Filho, Andre Barrosh, Andre Felipe Binder
Scenario: Valsir Carrasco, Maria Eliza Berredo, Bruno Lima Penido
Produced by: Mônica Fernandes
Composer: James Schafer

Actors: Camila Queiroz, Marieta Severo, Agata Moreira, Rodrigo Lombardi, Drika Moraes, Reinaldo Gianecchini, Rainer Cadeti, Ana Lucia Torre, Grazi Massafera, Guillermina Ginley, and Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio
Premiere: 8 Jun 2015
Series length: 46 min.
Genre: Melodrama, drama

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