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Смотреть фильм Тайсон 2019 украинский криминальный детектив все серии подряд

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Tyson” 2019 / Melodrama / Ukraine

Гthe main character crime series “Tyson” 2019 online on Ukraine channel becomes a law enforcement officer named Ilya Karelin (Anatoly Rudenko). The young man had recently experienced a serious psychological trauma. He had a best friend, they worked together. Friends have always helped each other, supported in difficult situations, and even covered in trouble.

When an unknown attacker shot at Ivan point-blank, the hero of the film Tyson experienced this event with a pain in his heart. All this happened in the middle of the day, but it did not help to find the criminal without delay. Ilya just went crazy with grief and shock. It seemed to him that his life would never be the same without a true friend. Now the hero needs to recover in order to live on and fight crime.

But at this time, he is simply not ready for work, he is thinking of taking a vacation for a while, being alone with himself, and suffering a terrible tragedy in solitude. But the authorities are trying not to let a man get depressed. In his disposal get the case, which was previously engaged in Vanya. And also they give him a dog that belonged to his partner. Tyson is a very intelligent and faithful dog, and the guy considers it his direct duty to take care of the new four-legged brother.


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A country: Ukraine

Tyson 2019 - TV Show Information and Release Date:

Director: Alexander Itygilov
Operator: Andrey Polivany-Bukhtiyarov
Produced by: Irina Zarya, Irina Chemeris
Actors: Anatoly Rudenko, Olga Pavlovets, Alexey Tritenko, Taras Tsimbalyuk, Yaroslav Gurevich, Konstantin Koretsky, Anna Koshmal

Production: Ukrainian production studio
Series: 4
Premiere: 5 May 2019 (TRC Ukraine)
Genre: Drama, criminal film

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