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About the plot of the film "Taxi 5 / Taxi 5»2018 | Action | Adventure | Comedy | France

МA young man working in law enforcement was recently transferred to the service in Marseille. Young purposeful hero the French movie “Taxi 5” 2018 online wants to build a good career in the local area and is going to perform the most difficult tasks. Management decides to test the newcomer for strength, assigning to the most unpredictable missions. Elimination of such problems will clearly show the ability of the young man to further cooperation.

The city has criminal groups that rob jewelry stores and inspire fear and horror at the local population. Bandits skillfully wield the streets on sports cars, high-speed Ferrari, which is unreal to catch up with. The authorities instruct the new employee to expose the attackers, to catch and determine the identity of each.

The task leads the guy into a stupor, alone to defeat the gang seems impossible. Suddenly, a newly acquaintance comes to the rescue of the operative - the nephew of the legendary taxi driver Daniel. The boy wants to get the famous car, gathering dust in a container for many years, capable of catching thieves by surprise. Will the comrades be able to unite, joining efforts to end the lawlessness and unpleasant events in the peaceful territories of the town?



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Taxi 5 / Taxi 5 - Movie Info:

Country: France

Director: Frank Gustambid
Writers: Frank Gustambid, Stefan Kazanjyan
Operator: Vincent Richard
Artist: Samuel Theissaire
Producer: Luc Besson

Actors: Frank Gustambid, Malik Bentalkha, Bernard Farsi, Ramzi Bedia, Anuar Tubali, Edouard Montut, Salvatore Esposito, Sabrina Ouazani, Moussa Maaskra, Eric Fraticelli, Sissi Dupark, Fabrizio Nevola

Production: EuropaCorp
Premiere: April 11 2018 (France), May 10 2018 (Russia)
Genre: Thriller, adventure, comedy



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