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Dancing to TNT 5 season (2018) watch online all issues Finals

Smotret tanci na tnt 2018 vse vipuski online youtebem.com

Танцы на тнт 5 сезон (2018) смотреть онлайн все выпуски Финал

TV show “Dancing on TNT” 5 season (2018) all episodes Final

ЧIt is often said that dance is a state of mind. That is why this art form is unusual and incredibly beautiful. In the new 5 season dancing on TNT 2018 online everyone can take part in the dance project and try their luck. Naturally, this will not be so easy, because the judges treat the contestants with very great responsiveness.

They don’t let anyone through just like that and are always ready to do everything to achieve only the most positive results. Ahead of the guys waiting for a lot of difficulties, and no one is, what could happen in the future. All participants are strong and each is good at dancing. But the winner will still be only one of them. That is why we have to hope that this person will truly be worthy of it!

Until the finale is still long enough, and therefore the viewer is given the opportunity to enjoy different types of dance more than once, which participants will demonstrate throughout the season. Many will have their favorites, but only one person will be destined to win this show. Who they will be so far unknown, but no one will be bored for sure! Everyone expects an exciting show that will not restrain their feelings.

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The show ran from August 25 to December 22, 2018.
Presenter: Laysan Utyasheva
Mentors: Yegor Druzhinin. Tatiana Denisova. Miguel
Participants: Sasha Pertsev, Rodica Bukshan, Valeria Babayan, Anton Lushichev, Alexandra Smirnova, Ulyana Pylaeva, Yuvi, Mikhail Kilimchuk, Maria Khudorozhkova, Alexey Letuchiy, Mark Kuklin and Alexander Lee.


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DANCE TNT 5 season - FINAL 22.12.2018. Second player

Official instagram mentor Dance on TNT Tatyana Denisova (Tatyana Denisova) / Photo / Video

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Official instagram of Miguel dancer and choreographer - Sergey Shesteperov (Migel) / Photo / Video

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The official instagram dancer Ulyana Pylaeva (Ulyana Pilaeva) / Photo - Video

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