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Смотреть военное кино Танки 2018 онлайн бесплатно приключения Россия

About the plot of the Russian film "Tanks" 2018 online / Military / History / Adventure / Russia 

дaction Russian military movie “Tanks” 2018 online It originates in the distant 40 year. The situation is strained to the limit, and the Soviet government begins active preparations for a war that cannot be avoided by any means. Mikhail Koshkin, a talented engineer from Kharkov, finishes his work.

He devoted a lot of time to work and now his brainchild is ready - the T-34 tank. Recently, two experimental samples have been created, but it is not yet possible to launch this monster into production. To begin with, the tank must be tested. The engineer is confident in his own creation, and therefore offers a very adventurous solution.

Together with the team, a man will overtake this treasure to Moscow. There, he will present it to the court, and in the future it will be possible to begin the production of tanks that can do excellent service in the coming war. The idea was not bad, and the main character hit the road. But he and the team did not know that the enemy had become aware of the secret development.

They promise big problems to travelers and are ready to do everything that the tank does not get to the capital. However, the main character and his gallant group do not intend to give up just like that. How events will develop in the future, you will learn by watching this fascinating adventure film.




Watch Russian film “Tanks” 2018 in excellent quality HD 720-1080 free online 

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2018 Tanks - Movie Info and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Kim Druzhinin
Screenwriters: Vladimir Medinsky, Andrey Nazarov
Operator: Dmitry Trifonov
Composer: Mikhail Kostylev
Artist: Alexander Suvorov
Producers: Dmitry Scherbanov, Oleg Antipov
Casting Director: Marina Leonovafil

Acts: Andrei Merzlikin, Anton Filipenko, Aglaia Tarasova, Dmitry Podnozov, Sergey Stukalov, Dmitry Tsutskin, Andrey Dezhonov, Dmitry Girev, Georgy Bolonev, Nikolai Gorshkov, Alexander Tyutin, Vladimir Kapustin, Dmitry Gotsdiner, Mats Reinhardt

Production: Media-Trust, studio “28 Panfilov” with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Military Historical Society, with the participation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Premiere: 26 April 2018 (film distribution)
Genre:  war film, history, adventure, movies about the Great Patriotic War online



The official instagram of actor Andrei Merzlikin (Merzlikin Andrey) - Photo / Video

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The official instagram actress Aglaia Tarasova (Aglaya Tarasova) / Photo - Video

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