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Pregnancy Test 2 season (2109) watch online for free all series

Smotret serial test na beremennost 2 sezon 2019 youtebem.com

Watch x movie 2 Pregnancy Test 2019 season online all series in a row on Channel One and Ivanova

About the plot of the series "Pregnancy test 2 season" 2019 Online / 16 Series / Melodrama / Channel One / Russia

сsouth The new 2 season of the series “Pregnancy Test 2” 2019 online continues the story about the life of a young person named Natalya Behmetyeva (Svetlana Ivanova). She is a researcher. She worked in the laboratory for a long time, and these years made the heroine a real specialist and professional in their field, she was considered an indispensable worker.

She lives far beyond the big city, but once she moves to St. Petersburg. This large city gives her every opportunity to significantly advance her career. But life here is completely different, new people, a little different work. Of course, the girl knows what and when she needs to do, and does not need any help, but her colleagues do not appreciate such a relationship, and this greatly spoils her relationship with other employees.

In the second season, the story of Behmetyeva’s life continues, and a new unexpected obstacle stands before her. He got pregnant. Natalya is completely confused and does not understand how to proceed. She begins to think about abortion or give birth, but leave the child in the maternity hospital, but then conscience got the better of her, and she decides to give birth. The future mother decides to improve relations with colleagues, communicates and becomes more relaxed. Then she meets a young man who takes her child.

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A country: Russia

2 pregnancy test season 2019 - Release date and information about the series:

Directors: Klim Shypenko, Oleg Asadulin, Anton Sivers
Screenwriters: Margarita Udovichenko, Tatiana Solomatina
Operators: Andrey Ivanov, Anton Zenkovich, Mikhail Veriysky
Producers: Yuri Sapronov, Irina Bark, Natalia Lazareva, Avdey Kiryanov

Actors: Svetlana Ivanova, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Danila Dunaev, Lyanka Gryu, Anna Kamenkova, Alexander Yatsko, Anna Peskova, Margarita Adaeva, Tatyana Rasskova, Alexander Nesterov, Sergey Migitsko, Arthur Vakha, Stella Ilnitskaya, Kirill Varaksa, Serafim Ogarr, Oshar Agar, an artisan Alexander Stroyev, Vladimir Koshevoy, Andrei Urgant, Julia Galkina, Ola Keyru

Production: "World Russian Studios (RWS)"
Premiere: Update 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 16
Genre: Melodrama, films about family и Love



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The official instagram actress Svetlana Ivanova (Svetlana Ivanova) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actress Lyanka Gryu (Lyanka Gryu) / Photo - Video

The official instagram of actor Kirill Grebenshchikova (Kirill GrebenshIkov) / Photo - Video

Images from the series “Pregnancy Test 2 season” 2019 Russia | Photos of actors

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