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Topor Movie (2018)

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Смотреть мини сериал о войне Топор 2018 онлайн со Смоляковым бесплатно

About the plot of the Russian film "Ax" 2018 Online / Military / History / Russia 

ЗThe October Revolution came to the end, but left behind them solid troubles. One Cossack officer (Andrey Smolyakov) lost all his relatives and friends. The main character War movie “Ax” 2018 online, I understood that it would never be the way it was before. He didn’t want to see peace in the country collapse, so he adopted a different way of life. At that time, a similar situation arose among thousands of White Guard officers.

Some went over to the side of the victorious revolution, others preferred to leave the country, to seek refuge abroad. He realized that there was no more of the former Motherland, it was senseless to amuse yourself with illusions. There was no desire to join one of the warring parties. In any case, would have to participate in large-scale bloodshed, kill compatriots. The officer soberly assessed the situation.

Not having the opportunity, and the desire to become an émigré, he understood how dangerous it was to be in Russia of the post-revolutionary period. Undoubtedly, the new government must “have questions” for the Cossack. The case will end in prison at best. The officer chose to abstract from reality. He went to Siberia, became a recluse, rarely in contact with people.

The former officer was not particularly worried about what was happening in the country. However, in the places where the man settled, the news arrived with a huge delay. After 17 years of voluntary exile, the Cossack learned about the beginning of the war with Germany. For the first time in many years, an alarm for the future of the Motherland awakened in the officer’s soul. The Cossack understood his place at the front.




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2018 Ax - Movie Info and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Semenovs
Screenwriter: Vladimir Semenovs
Operator: Igor Votintsev
Composer: Alexandra Magakyan
Artists: Pavel Yanovitsky, Alexander Kharin
Producers; Ruben Dishdishyan, Elena Denisevich
Casting Director: Elena Korneeva

Actors: Andrey Smolyakov, Daria Kalmykova, Dmitry Shevchenko, Vladimir Kapustin, Ivan Shibanov, Artyom Alekseev, Victor Stepanyan, Ivan Borisov, Oleg Vasilkov, Ignaty Akrachkov, Alexander Ilyin, Gleb Podgorodinsky, Artyom Osipov, Vladimir Verevochkin, Denis Yasik, Konstantin Yudayev, Edijs Zalaks, Arina Zharkova, Azamat Nigmanov, Oleg Chudnitsov, Larisa Gorbunova, Anna Syrchikova

Production: Mars Media
Premiere: May 9 2018 (NTV)
Genre:  war film, drama, history, cinema about the Great Patriotic War online



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