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Three chords of the TV show (2019) with Averin watch online all issues in a row

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смотреть музыкальное шоу Три аккорда 2019 онлайн все новые выпуски подряд

уThe uniqueness of this “Three Chords” music show on Channel One is in the variety of music that plays here. Pop music, rock and even the author's songs sound in the studio. This project is interested in the mass of television viewers. Famous hits will be executed in a kind of interpretation. Each performance is replete with novelty, but the participants also face a difficult task.

They need to perform a composition in such a way as to preserve its former flavor. Make it not so easy as it may seem initially. Intars Busulis, Stas Pieha, Klaver Denis and many others have become the new participants of the unusual show. Charming Julia Savicheva and Ekaterina Semenova added to the list of female performers.

The jury is represented by professionals in their field - Lolita, Alexander Rosenbaum and Taisiya Povali. After each performance, the judges will award points to the stars. Thanks to them, it will be clear who turned out to be the most talented and capable contestants. The singers will not have to be easy, but they are ready for all the difficulties, and all in order to please the viewer and hit the jury! The new season of transfer “Three chords” starts!


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  • Genres: Шоу, Musical, Culture
  • Year of creation: 2014
  • Released in Russia: 21 September 2014
  • A country: Russia
  • TV channel: First 1
  • Talented stars
  • Duration: 200 min.
  • Three chord jury



The official instagram of actor Maxim Averin (Maksim Averin) / Photo - Video


Footage from the TV show "Three chords”New 4 season 2019 | Photo leading and participants



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