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Three meters above the sky movie (2010) watch online free Spain

Smotret film tri metra nad urovnem neba 2010 youtebem.com

Смотреть испанскую драму Три метра над уровнем неба 2010 с Марио Касасом онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the film "Three meters above the sky / Tres metros sobre el cielo» 2010 | Drama | Action movie | Melodrama | Spain

гThe main hero of the film “Three meters above the sky” 2010 online - Hugo Oliver (Mario Casas), aka Achi for friends, is in an unpleasant situation. He faces imprisonment, even if conditional, for the fact that he beat his mother's lover, who decided to leave the family. In the life of a young man a lot of alcohol, relationships with beautiful girls.

He takes part in races on motorcycles, and is not going to be responsible for something. One day he was driving his motorcycle through the city and got into a traffic jam. There he saw in the car an attractive girl. But he didn’t respond very flatteringly about her, and in response she used her manicured middle finger.

After some time, he meets the same girl at a party to which he came with friends. But the guys have a fight, with which Babi disappears. Katina begins to build a relationship with Polo, who is Ache’s best friend, and takes her friend Babi with her all the time.

The daughter of wealthy parents was not used to spending time like this, but over time she manages to get involved, and an attractive jock begins to take possession of her thoughts. Parents are strongly opposed to her meetings with such a guy, and so that they have a romantic future together. He promises to be better, but the sudden death of a friend turns everything upside down.



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Three meters above the sky / Tres metros sobre el cielo 2010 - INFORMATION ON FILM:

Страна: Испания

Director: Fernando Gonzalez Molina
Screenwriters: Federico Moccia, Ramon Salazar
Operator: Daniel Aranio
Composer: Manel Santisteban
Artist: Patrick Salvador
Produced by: Juan Carlos Caro, Mercedes Gamero, Francisco Ramos, Daniel Ecija


Mario Casas, Clara Lago, Maria Valverde, Alvaro Cervantes, Andrea Duro, Diego Martin, Lucho Fernandez, Andrew Terbet, Manu Fuyola, Carles Francino, Jordi Bosch, Marina Salas, Nerea Camacho, Carme Elias

Read more at Kino-Teatr. RU https://www.kino-teatr.ru/kino/movie/euro/100103/annot/

Production: Antena 3 Films, Zeta Audiovisual
Premiere: December 3 2010, June 24 2011 (Moscow Film Festival)
Genre: Melodrama, Drama, Action

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