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Смотреть сериал Три в одном 4 5 все серии подряд криминальный детектив канал ТВЦ

В the life of the main character of the ironic detective film “Three in one 5” 2019 online everything is very vague and difficult. During the last time Inga (Natalia Rychkova) began to notice that her lover is increasingly abstracting from her and from their common problems. Was he just afraid of family life and the responsibility with which they now have to live? Yes, of course, three children from her previous marriages is still that easy fate, and with his work it will not be possible to devote much time to so many children.

Yegor Zhuravlev (Alexander Ratnikov) works as an opera, and the woman herself constantly finds herself in some kind of turmoil, and draws attention to herself as soon as she can. But, in fact, a woman arranged such a relationship. He did not just care about her, but tried to do everything possible to make her better. In order to somehow have fun and bring bright colors to the relationship, she comes up with a plan.

She says she would like to go somewhere to rest, but would fly with him without children. The spouse accepts such a proposal, and even wants to be suspended from investigations and investigative experiments for this period. But there is one thing - his salary will be only in a month, and the advance has already been spent. The heroine of the detective believes that everything will be fine for them, and decides to rent the apartment for the whole vacation, and give the children to the fathers for a while.

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Three in One 5 - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Director: Ilya Khotinenko
Writer: Maria Mikheleva
Operator: Sergey Kulishenko
Composer: Kirill Nersesyan
Artist: Anna Khotinenko
Producers: Evgenia Vilshanskaya, Kirill Nersesyan, Alexander Zhigun

Actors: Natalia Rychkova, Alexander Ratnikov, Artem Semakin, Sergey Belyakovich, Andrey Karako, Alexander Efremov, Sergey Parshin, Yulia Zimina, Olga Nefyodova, Alexander Stefantsov, Maxim Krechetov, Andrey Dubeshko, Dmitry Dubeshko, Mark Nester, Anna Girenok, Rostislav Kozetz

Premiere: March 15 2019 TVC
Genre: Detective movies online, crime

 The official instagram actress Yulia Zimina (Yulia Zimina) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actor Alexander Ratnikov (Aleksandr Ratnikov) / Photo / Video

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