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Tourist Police Series (2019) watch free online comedy

Smotret serial turisticheskaya policiya 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть комедийный фильм Туристическая полиция (2019) смотреть бесплатно онлайн все серии hd 720

About the plot of the series "Tourist police»2019 online / Comedy / Channel Friday | 20 episodes

Пpresent to your attention new comedy series “Tourist Police” 2019 online, where the leading role will play the well-known leading TV programs about travel "Eagle and Reshka" - a charming blonde Nastya Ivleeva. Also in the film, key roles will be played by popular and favorite comedy actors. Mikhail Bashkatov and Sergey Burunov... The heroine of Ivleeva Lera is vigilant in police service in the resort area. With a stamp of importance on her pretty face, she conducts all sorts of small resort investigations and at the same time gets herself into various curious situations. And of course, at the same time, she enjoys all the amenities of relaxation, while demonstrating the sultry forms of her slender figure.

The work of a policeman is a very important and responsible matter. They risk their lives to maintain order in the city. Every day, you need to monitor the situation on the streets, because crime never sleeps. That is why every time you have to make great efforts to cope with their most important tasks. What all this will lead to is unknown, but it remains to believe only in success. Anyone can try their luck and become a policeman.

But very few people represent what this work actually represents. That is why we have to make great efforts and believe that in the future the situation will be as good as possible for each of the law enforcement officers. Ahead of the guys expects a lot of difficulties and difficulties that they have not previously encountered. But sometimes they often find themselves in funny situations from which they have to find a way out. All this is shown with a share of high-quality and cheerful humor, which will not let anyone get bored. Ahead of the audience awaits a lot of fascinating and funny situations that occur with the main characters. What is all this will turn into?

TV series trailerTourist police”2019 | February 25 Premiere


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Tourist Police - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Director: Konstantin Kolesov
Scenario: Denis Ostapchuk, Denis Vorochay, Anton Kovalevsky, ...
Producer: Nikolai Kartozia, Natalia Golodova, Andrei Ageev, ...
Operator: Pavel Emelin
Composer: Capella
Installation: Anna Kruty

Actors: Anastasia Ivleeva, Mikhail Bashkatov, Sergey Pioro, Denis Buzin, Alexander Lyapin, Pavel Komarov, Svetlana Listova, Anastasia Nemets, Evgeny Kushpel, Sergey Goludov

Premiere: February 25 2019
Series: 8
Genre: TV series about tourism, comedy

The official instagram leading Anastasia Ivleeva (Anastasiya Ivleeva) / Photo / Video

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New Year with Nastya Ivleeva and Ida Galich. Eagle and Tackle. Video


Images from the series “Tourist Police” 2019 Comedy | Photos of actors

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