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Tourists on STS (2018) show watch online all series of travel shows

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Tourists on STS (2018) broadcast watch online all series

About the TV show “Tourists” on the channel JTS / Tourism / Travel

В spotlight new transfer on channel STS “Tourists” 2018 online About travel there are three couples who will go on a fascinating journey around the globe. The main characters, and among them the famous leading Zhenya Petrova and Yana SukhovaThey cannot imagine where the road will eventually lead them, but the guys will not be bored for sure. They will have to go through as many of the most exciting and exciting adventures as possible in order to enjoy their holidays.

Each pair represents a completely different people. They are used to a variety of things that can now be taken away from them. We'll have to re-learn to learn in completely unfamiliar areas and hopes that this will continue for quite some time. Travelers are ready for the many challenges that life will give them. Although in fact, with this they have not yet encountered.

The most difficult situations await them, but it is precisely for this that they came to a travel show. The host of the program “Tourists” will have to enjoy its unforgettable atmosphere and finally get used to this amazing and exciting world. In order to continue this way, they will have to learn many things, because everything will not be as simple as it might have initially seemed. Where will their roads lead and what will happen next?

TV program “Tourists” to watch online all issues in a row STS

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  • Genres: Shows, Reality show
  • Year of creation: 2018
  • Release date in RF: 14 October 2018
  • Country: Russia
  • TV channel: STS
  • Duration: 48 min.

The official instagram leading Yana Sukhova (Yana Skhova) / Photo - Video

Official instagram for the host of the show "Tourists \" Zhenya Petrova / Photo - Video

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