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Smotret serial Ti moya lubov 2018 online besplatno Youtebem.com

ты моя любимая ти моя улюблена сериал 2018 у

About the plot of the series “You are my favorite / You are my love” 2018 online / Melodrama / Channel Home

АLena is an ordinary girl who very soon gets into big trouble. main character Ukrainian soap opera “You are my favorite” 2018 online will be in a very unpleasant situation, or rather her brother. As it turns out, he will contact the drug and he will be sent to prison. But so that this does not happen, the compassionate heroine of the melodrama takes all the blame on herself and sits down in his place. It seems that her life will be destroyed, but then a guy named Cyril appears.

He manages to pull out Alena (Eugenia Loza) from this scrape and after a while he offers her hand and heart. The girl is madly grateful to him and on such emotions she is sure that she loves him. She naturally agrees to the proposal, but could not even imagine where this would all lead. At first, everything went well, but Cyril was imprisoned for premeditated murder.

This is naturally a nightmare, and she is looking for a lawyer to help her in this difficult situation. They begin to look for a loophole through which they can help her husband, but it was not there. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Alyona realizes that she is beginning to have real feelings for this lawyer, and it is even possible to fall in love. The situation is very awkward and she does not know what to do next. How this all ends is unknown, but she hopes for a positive result.


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A country: Ukraine

Director: Alexey Gusev
Screenwriter: Natalia Shimboretskaya
Operator: Anton Tkachenko
Composer: Vladlen Pupkov
Artist: Larisa Zhilko
Producers: Vitaly Sirenko, Vadim Zhuk

Actors: Evgenia Loza, Alexander Ratnikov, Alexey Zubkov, Olesya Ostrovskaya, Alisa Tunkevich, Vladislav Mamchur, Alexander Popov, Daniil Lakoza, Yaroslav Garkusha, Nikolai Boklan, Stanislav Brzezinski, Yuri Grebelnik, Sergey Radchenko, Evgeny Efremov
Production: Filmstream and Vileton production commissioned by the TRK Ukraine
Series: 4
Premiere: October 17 2018 (TRK Ukraine), November 17 2018 (Home)
Genre: Melodrama

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