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Smotret shou ti super 60+ 1 sezon 2021 online youtebem.com

Смотреть онлайн "Ты супер! 60+ на НТВ 1 сезон" 2021 Россия все выпуски подряд музыкальная передача

ПWe present to your attention a new international project “You are super! 60+ ”whose main task is to make people pay attention to the complexities of the daily life of pensioners. Each participant in the program is a person whose age has passed the mark of sixty years, which means that they can rightfully be called old people.

The game is divided into several stages, where each participant is obliged to perform with his own song. Depending on how much the judges like the performance and the text, they can give the participant their vote or ignore it. If a player collects three votes at the same time, then he goes to the final, if less, then he is forced to leave the field of a kind of battle forever.

It is unrealistically difficult to win here, but retirees from a wide variety of professions have gathered here, from an ordinary cook to a retired colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Each of them has a tremendous life experience, which disinterestedly wants to pass on to young people, but they constantly ignore them.

Every year it becomes more and more difficult for them to live, so you should never forget how huge a contribution they made to our country. Who will really win this kind of interesting race, consisting of a series of really difficult tests, which will not be easy to pass ...

Trailer - announcement “You are super! 60+ on NTV "2021 | Premiere May 16 

Watch online “You are super! 60+ "NTV 2021 season 1 all issues in a row music show 

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  • Genres: Шоуmusic
  • Year of creation: 2021
  • Release date in RF: 16 May 2021
  • A country: Russia
  • TV channel: NTV
  • Hosts: Vadim Takmenev, Anastasia Pak
  • Duration: 1 h. 30 min.
  • Jury: Igor Krutoy, Diana Arbenina, Stas Piekha, Irina Dubtsova
  • Studio: “White Media” (WeiT Media)



YouTube Playlist - Collection of Music Videos | Happy listening!


Images from the TV program “You are super! 60+ on NTV 1 season”Russia 2021 | Photo of the jury and participants



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