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The past is in debt series (2018) watch online for free

Smotret serial U proshlogo v dolgu 2018 online Youtebem.com

About the plot of the Ukrainian TV series "The past owes a debt / The past is in the Borg!" 1 season 2018 online for free all series in a row | Ukraine

Гlove heroine soap opera “The past is in debt” online eighteen year old girl named Veronica. Beauty has always dreamed of being on stage, moving up the career of a popular singer. So the heroine of the film decided to leave the provincial town and move to conquer the capital. Here she hopes to enroll in a music school, which is the first step towards a cherished dream.

Сериал "У прошлого в долгу" СМОТРЕТЬ ОНЛАЙН БЕСПЛАТНО

In the homeland of Veronica (Elena Shilova) left the closest people in the face of the mother, a couple of best friends and the beloved Constantine. Soon the main character meets an interesting guy Vadim (Cyril Dytsevich), which immediately made the young lady's heart skip a beat. The relationship of young people approached rapid development, later the couple got engaged and began to live together. However, in the future, a fairy tale was not foreseen. Soon Nika learns about the betrayal of her husband, and, being in complete despair, realizes that she was going to Moscow with a completely different purpose, but the impudent ladies' man ruined all plans.

She decided to say goodbye to him and move on, but the pregnancy was a new shock. You will have to forget about your studies forever and return to the provinces to raise your little daughter. Two years later, the girl goes to the city of broken desires with the intention of officially divorcing the former. Immediately fate prepared another test for her ...

The series “At last in the Borg! / The past is in debt! ”2018 online all series in a row 1-16

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A country: Ukraine
Director: Miroslav Malic
Screenwriter: Galina Salgarelli
Operator: Vasily Sikachinsky
Composer: Andrey Ponomarev
Artist: Peter Koryagin
Producers: Vitaly Sirenko, Irina Franchuk
Actors: Elena Shilov, Mikhail Gavrilov Ilya Alekseev, Kirill Dytsevich Olga Grishina, Dmitry Owl Ksenia Nikolaeva, Larissa Rusnak, Natalia Klenina Irina Melnik, Tamara Morozova, Anastasia Tsymbalar, Aleksandr Kobzar, Pauline Nosyhina Oksana Zhdanova, Yegor Kozlov, Georgy Povolotsky, Igor Gnezdilov, Olga Sumskaya, Yuri Grebelnik

Production: Filmstream and Vileton production
Premiere: 17 September 2018 (TRK Ukraine)
Series: 16
Genre: Romance

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