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Watch the movie Kill Me Heal Me 2015 Korean Drama all series in a row

About the plot of the series “Kill me, heal me / Kill Me, Heal Me" 2015 / Drama / Melodrama / Comedy / 20 series / South Korea

гthe main hero of the Korean series “Kill me, heal me” 2015 online drama becomes Cha Do Hyun (Ji Song) This is a young guy who was born in a very wealthy family, and is the direct heir to the huge organization “Sangin groups”. The guy spent his youth in the United States, and managed to get a wonderful education there.

At first, it may seem that Hyun is a talented promising businessman, but only the closest people know that in fact the young man has a mental illness, moreover, it is quite serious, and it is called dissociative personality disorder.

He has six very versatile personalities inside him: a tough guy named Shin Se Ki, about forty years old, An E Sop is a quiet and shy seventeen-year-old teenager, Nana is a seven-year-old twin sister Shin Se Gui (it is not clear how it is generally possible), as well as the mysterious Mr. X.

The main character of the comedy film “Kill Me, Heal Me” online realizes that the disease that he had as a result of a certain injury that he received more than ten years ago does not allow him to live in peace. But the guy in every possible way tries to suppress them all and understand which of all these entities is real.

Yes, this is given to him very difficult, because the problems that arise in the family and company, only shake and so not the best mental state.

Watch the Korean series “Kill me, heal me” 2015 online drama for free all 1-20 series in a row

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Kill Me Heal Me / Kill Me, Heal Me - TV Series Info and Release Date:

Country: South Korea

Director: Dae-jin Kim, Jin-man Kim
Scenario: Jin Soo Wang
Producer: Han Hee
Film studio: MBC-TV Korea

Actors: Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Ym, Choi Won Yong, Na-un Kim, Ko Jang Suk, Min-Sok Oh, Pak Jung-gyu, Pak Soo-joon, He-jin Shim

Premiere: 7 January 2015
Batch Length: 60 min
Genre: Melodrama, drama, love seriesyouth dramascomedy

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