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Survivor / Survivor movie (2015) watch online free US action movie

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Смотреть боевик с Милой Иовович Уцелевшая / Survivor 2015 онлайн в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080 бесплатно

About the plot of the film "Survivor / Survivor" 2015 | Action | Thriller | Crime | England | USA

кEtrin Abbott (Milla Jovovich) works in the United States Department of State, and now the heroine of the movie “Survivor” 2015 online is located in the American Embassy, ​​located in London. She understands people best of all, and when a suspicious person who decides to get a visa turns up at the embassy, ​​this case is immediately transferred to Catherine.

After a recent incident in which a potential terrorist was detained, his goal was to get into the territory of the Americans, embassy officials were ordered to check people more carefully. During the next check-up, the main character of the exciting action movie drew attention to the doctor, who seemed to be going to a scientific conference.

He seemed too suspicious to her. Due to the fact that the girl has extensive experience and unsurpassed intuition, she was able to find a connection between this man and the rest, who have already become the owner of the visa. Catherine decided to conduct her own investigation, and this radically changed her whole life.

She miraculously survived the terrible explosion in London, and now she has become the main suspect in this crime. Someone decided to substitute her because she had gone too far in detective work.



 Survivor 2015 movie watch online in excellent quality hd 720-1080


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Survivor / Survivor - INFORMATION ON FILM:

A country: USA, England

Director: James MacTig
Screenwriters: Philip Shelby
Operator: Dani Rulmann
Composer: Ilan Eshkeri
Artist: Kees Bonnet, Will Kubro, Hanna Moseley
Produced by: Boaz Davidson, Matthew O'Toole, Charles Winkler

Actors: Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett, Parker Sawers, Bashar Rahal, Royce Pearson, Robert Forster, Ben Starr, Roger Rhys and others.

Production: Burk A Project, Millennium Films, Survivor Productions, Winkler Films
Premiere: September 3 2015 (USA)
Genre: thriller, thriller, crime



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