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Smotret shou udivitelnie ludi xnumx vse vipuski online

Смотреть шоу Удивительные люди последний выпуск и лучшее в хорошем качестве HD 720-1080

About the plot of the program “Amazing people” 2019-2020 on Channel One / Show / Entertainment / Russia

пopular Russian TV show - “Amazing 4 People” show all issues of 2019 talks about amazing people. They are a real sensation, discovery, stunning. Their talents reveal the endless possibilities of the brain. Actions during the speech are explained by science. For three years, participants in a unique television show amaze viewers with their skills that are hard to believe.

The project, broadcast on the federal channel "Russia" -adaptation of a foreign show, which has the worldwide popularity of "The Brein". After the release of the first season, which received absolute success, the number of fans of the television program increased at times. Winners, finalists and just people participating and applying for participation, from other countries dream of getting to the Russian show. The abilities of ordinary people inspire viewers to develop their talents, to discover new things in themselves.

Pupils or simply inspired by the courage of the participants decide to show gifts to the whole country. Visitors show such skills: quick counting in the mind, solving mathematical problems, imitating birdsong, knowledge of several languages, muscle memory, orientation by stars and so on. The rules do not change: in each issue, seven contestants are shown, at the end, using the spectator vote, the winner is selected, passing to the final. The strongest wins, and trials are becoming more difficult.

Watch online "Amazing people 4,5 season" 2019-2020 all issues in a row in good quality hd 720 on channel Russia 1


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    • Genres: Shows, Hobbies and Hobbies
    • Year of creation: 1990
    • Release date in RF: 25 October 1990
    • Country: Russia
    • Channel: Russia 1 “WeiT Media”
    • Presenters: Olga Shelest, Vlad Evgeny Papunaishvili, Alexander Gurevich, Vasily Klyucharyov, Natalia Ragozina.


The official Instagram of the actress and host Olga Shelest / Photos - Video / @maria_ivakova





Images from the TV show “Amazing People” Channel Russia 2019 | Photos of participants


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