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About the plot of the series "Coal" 2019 Online / 8 Series / Drama / History / Channel One / Russia 

дramatic series “Coal” 2019 online on Channel One starring Andrei Sokolov, talks about the life of miners in Russia during the late twentieth century. Namely, in the nineties. This is the time of the collapse and restructuring of the country. A time of rising prices and the collapse of voluta. A time when not only separate regions or cities lived in poverty, but the whole vast country.

And some cities could continue to exist only one single source of income. For example, coal mines. The series will tell about such a village and a family living in it. Every day at the work of a miner can be the last, since the work is very dangerous, energy-consuming and unpredictable.

You can die from a collapse, or you can starve. And once, in one of the ordinary families, the breadwinner just died at work. In the family were father, mother and son, all of them were very hungry and thin. They lived in a small town where, apart from this work, there was no other way to make money.

But one day, the mine collapsed, and the family leader was inundated with the destroyed fruits of his activities. And now the mother will have to feed and put her little son on her feet. She worked tirelessly to somehow feed herself and him. She wanted her offspring not to follow her father’s path.

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A country: Russia

Coal 2019 1 channel - Release date and information about the series:

Director: Vladimir Kott
Operator: Andrey Kapranov
Casting Director: Kira Egorochkina

Actors: Andrey Sokolov, Victoria Tolstoganova, Elena Tsyplakova, Ivan Kokorin, Inga Oboldina, Elena Panova, Evgeny Sakharov, Julia Hlynina, Tatyana Polosina, Ivan Mulin, Igor Ogurtsov, Vladimir Verevochkin, Evgeni Mikheev and others.

Premiere: Update 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 8
Genre: Social Drama, history of the USSR, drama



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The official instagram actress Elena Panova (Elena Panova) / Photo - Video

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The official Instagram of actress Victoria Tolstoganova (Viktoriya Tolstoganova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Yulia Khlynina (Yuliya Khlinina) / Photo - Video

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Images from the series “Coal” 2019 Russia - Channel One | Photos of actors


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