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The 2 season's crew (2018) watch free comedy online

Smotret serial uletni ekipasz 2018 online komediya youtebem.com

Улётный экипаж 2 сезон (2018) смотреть бесплатно онлайн комедия СТС

About the plot of the series “The crew of the 2 season” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1- 21 / Comedy / STS / Russia

Оcharming blonde Polina (Natalia Bardo) was able to achieve in his life the cherished dream and now she is the co-pilot on the plane. It is just a real joy, which she had never experienced before. main character comedy soap opera “2 ground crew” 2018 online I am happy that I was able to fulfill my most cherished desire and it remains only to gain experience. The main pilot is a guy named Alex (Alexey Chadov).

He is an experienced pilot and not too happy that a girl is sitting in a row with him in the same cabin. She can only interfere, but Polina is only going to gain as much experience as possible. The beauty is ready to learn and remember everything that she is trying to explain. She is sure of the truthfulness of her talents and will not stop until she reaches great heights. In order to do this, she will have to constantly obey Lesha, who has tremendous experience in this matter.

He is sure that he will cope with his work, although of course he is not too happy about such an opportunity. We have to believe that in the end the situation can somehow be corrected in a positive direction. As for Polina, she is ready to do anything to achieve her goal. What will end her fascinating story and what will be the final of her exciting journey? Let's see if they will become famous and revered in their surroundings?



Comedy series "The crew of the season 2"2018 watch free online all series in a row 1-21 hd 720

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A country: Russia
Director: Dmitry Gubarev
Screenwriters: Zina Itkina, Timur Levchenko
Operator: Vyacheslav Kazantsev

Actors: Alexey Chadov, Natalya Bardo, Makar Zaporozhsky, Alyona Savastova, Vladimir Sychev, Nikita Tarasov, Catherine Assi, Yulia Topolnitskaya, Andrei Rodnoy, Sergey Belov, Maxim Merkulov, Oleg Zhakov, Yevgenia Glotova
Production: Production Center "GORAD"
Premiere: December 3 2018 (STS)
Series: 21
Duration: 24 min.
Genre: Comedyfamily movie



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