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Ural Pelmeni - Rehabilitation Center for Former Officials

smotret Uralskie pelmeni 2018 reabilitacionni centr dlya chinovnikov youtebem.com

Реабилитационный центр для бывших чиновников - Утро в сосновом бреду - Уральские Пельмени (2018)

Morning in the pine delirium - Ural Dumplings (2018)

“Rehabilitation Center for Former Officials”

Нa martial arts number on the topic of the day from great artists show “Ural dumplings”Online. In the appropriate stinging form, the guys will show a scene where the action will take place in rehabilitation center for former officials. After all, it is a pity for bureaucrats, it is difficult for them, they must skillfully help the sick to get rid of the sweet habit of taking bribes, and this must be done without haste, otherwise they may die from intolerable breaking with a trifle in their pocket, dramatic weight loss, lack of overseas sun and deprivation of second citizenship. After all, they are our own, dear citizens, we will treat ourselves - we will not give it to anyone, otherwise someone will “think about the people constantly” :)

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Year of manufacture: 2018 (Pine Delirium Morning)
Starring: Dmitry Brekotkin, Sergey Isaev, Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Andrey Rozhkov, Maxim Yaritsa, Alexander Popov, and others.

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