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Acceleration / Momentum movie (2015) watch online free US action movie

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Смотреть боевик Ускорение 2015 с Ольгой Куриленко онлайн бесплатно hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film "Acceleration / Momentum" 2015 | Action | Thriller | Crime | South Africa | USA

гthe main heroine of the criminal film "Acceleration" 2016 online,
not deprived of charm and beauty, but at the same time it is a thief, and it’s a very good one. Skills Alex Farradey (Olga Kurilenko) make it the best in this unusual and quite dangerous area. Recently, the heroine decided to do away with criminal affairs. It's time to live for yourself, and it's time to create a family.

But before the impudent young lady goes to rest, her friend and colleague persuaded Alex on the last adventure. It's about diamonds. Yes, the profit seems very simple, so the beauty agrees. But the plan fails, and soon she realizes that expensive stones were not the only purpose of the operation.

But this knowledge is not good for the heroine, because now her life is in grave danger. The actions of the heroine of the exciting action movie did not like the local criminal syndicate, and now the killer is walking behind her heels, ready at any moment to put a bullet in the forehead.

The main character dreams of leaving criminal cases, but she has no choice. To escape, you need to run. The beauty has to reveal the truth of the dubious robbery and understand who is trying to get rid of her. How will events develop in the future? Will the heroine avoid deadly dangers?



 Movie “Acceleration / Momentum” 2015 watch online in excellent quality hd 720-1080



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Acceleration / Momentum 2015 - INFORMATION ON FILM:

A country: USA, South Africa

Director: Stephen S. Campanelli
Writers: Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan
Operator: Glen McPherson
Composer: Laurent Eykem
Producer: Donald A. Barton

Actors: Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy, Morgan Freeman, Jenna Saras, Karl Tanning, Eva-Maria Fredrik, Lee-Anne Summers, Brendan Murray, Sabina Palfi, Daniel Tripepi, Brett Williams

Production: Worldview Entertainment, Anonymous Content, MadRiver Pictures
Premiere: October 16 2015 (USA), July 6 2015 (Russia) 23 July 2017 (STS)
Genre: thriller, thriller, crime


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