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In a foreign land (2018) watch online melodrama Russia

Smotret serial v chuzhom krayu 2018 online besplatno Youtebem.com

Российский сериал В чужом краю 2018 онлайн мелодрама все 12 серий подряд мелодрама

About the plot of the series “In a foreign land” 2018 melodrama | Channel Russia 1

Мelodramatic soap opera “In a foreign land” 2018 online, will tell the touching story of the Kutepov family, where scandals and frustrations in the relationship between young spouses often began to occur. Everything went so far that her husband provokes Galina to leave the joint bed. Having carefully discussed and discussed the presented situation with the mother, the woman decides to move to her homeland. At first, she needs to reconcile with her father, who for a long period of time has not stuck his nose into the affairs of the family.
With the work of Gali (Natalia Antonova) there is no difficulty, it is a qualified specialist, in demand in the labor market. Due to the special diligence and dedication of the main character of the serial film One lie for two turns out to be in good standing with the authorities. Soon, colleagues are showing signs of envy due to the fact that Galya is rapidly moving up the career ladder, raising salaries.
Subsequently, the circumstances are such that one of the influential shareholders pays attention to Kutepova, after which he does not hesitate and invites the lady to have dinner in an informal setting. A handsome boyfriend, learning about the existence of children waiting at home with her grandmother, offers help in the form of spacious apartments. Life continues to go on as usual, and meanwhile the repentant spouse of the heroine appears on the threshold ...



The series “In a foreign land” 2018 online for free all series-parts

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A country: Russia
Director: Stanislav Dremov
Screenwriters: Ekaterina Latanova, Leonid Patskevich
Operator: Roman Boyko
Composer: Alexander Maev
Artist: Nikolay Kopanev
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Victor Budilov, Tatyana Ogorodnikova, Eduard Gorbenko, Galina Lifanova, Alexander Pilipets
Actors: Natalia Antonova, Irina Rozanova, Ivan Oganesyan, Yuri Baturin, Vladimir Simonov, Ekaterina Vulichenko, Anna Kazyuchits, Sergey Komarov, Irina Rudominskaya, Sergey Aprelsky, Julia Drobot, Wilhelmina Mettel, Daniil Konovalov, Polina Marshall, Kamillala,
Production: LLC “Gamma Film Company”
Premiere: October 29 2018 (Russia 1)
Series: 12
Genre: Melodrama

The official instagram actress Natalya Antonova (Natalya Antonova) / Photo / Video

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