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On Sunday early potion kopala series (2019) Ukraine watch online

Smotret serial voskresrnie rano zele nakopala 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм В воскресенье рано зелье копала 2019 мистическая мелодрама онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the series “On Sunday, the beginning of the potion of the copal / At the end of the week, 2019 | Mystic | Melodrama | Ukraine

Сsouth of the Ukrainian TV series “Sunday is Early Copal Potion” 2019 online with elements of mysticism, takes place in the distant 1993 year. Maksim (Dmitry Pchela) - young ethnographer graduate student. He really likes folklore. Moreover, it is so strong that he doesn’t see anything else around him. The guy believes that the main purpose of his life is traveling to different places in order to find as many old traditions as possible.

He devotes all his free time to his hobby. Maxim dreams that when he gathers enough information, he will write his own book. The guy is so busy that he doesn't even see that student Lyuba is hopelessly in love with him (Ekaterina Varchenko). She is not going to retreat and offers Maxim to go to the old village of Rusalino. The village has long been famous for its folklore, and the only resident here is her own aunt Varvara.

Lyubochka very much hopes that in a joint trip the young people will manage to get closer. Luba cannot even imagine that it is in this place that Maxim meets a woman who enters his heart forever. Maxim really liked the gypsy Rada (Victoria Poltorak). A graduate student and a young gypsy immediately at the first meeting felt some ambiguous tension between them.

Lyubochka hoped that here she would conduct romantic walks under the moon with her beloved Maxim, but in fact she would have to defend her sincere feelings not only in front of a cunning opponent, but also in front of powerful magic.



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A country: Ukraine

On Sunday early, the potion was dug / At a week early, the potion was dug - Information about the series:


Director: Alexander Timenko
Writer: Natalia Nikishina
Operator: Alexander Sedov
Produced by: Vladislav Ryashin, Galina Khrapko, Darina Zhukova

Actors: Ekaterina Varchenko, Dmitry Pchela, Victoria Poltorak, Andrey Land, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Arthur Logay, Anna Sagaidachnaya, Ksenia Mishina, Igor Krikunov, Andrey Isaenko, Lilia Nagornaya, Margarita Bakhtina, Irina Melnik and others.

Premiere: February 11 2019 TV channel 1 + 1 Ukraine
Series: 24
Genre: Melodrama, mystical series online

The official Instagram actress Ekaterina Varchenko (Ekaterina Varchenko) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Victoria Poltorak (Viktoriya Poltorak) / Photo - Video

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