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The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov Film (2018) watch online free

Smotret film vechnaya zhizn aleksandra hristoforova 2018 youtebem.com

Смотреть русский фильм Вечная жизнь Александра Христофорова 2018 онлайн с Гуськовым и Фандера

About the plot of the film “Eternal life of Alexander Khristoforov" 2018 Comedy | Adventure | Russia

уThe original plot of the film “The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov” 2018 online in the center of which turned out to be a middle-aged man Alexander Khristoforov (Alexey Guskov), showing the story that could happen in any period of time, not only in our modern world. So, in the past he was a famous actor, but these times are long gone.

At this stage of his life, the hero works in an amusement park and experiences the worst period of his life. After leaving his beloved job, Alexander lost his family as well.
As it turned out, his wife and son needed him only while he was famous. They gladly basked in the glory of a man and used his financial position. From now on this came to an end.

The spouse left Sasha, saying that he had become a real threat to society. And the son decided to pretend that his father was a stranger, and the guy stopped
communicate with the unfortunate. But these events were not so bad. After being examined by a doctor, Christopher learns that he has serious health problems. There is no hope of recovery in the near future.
will die.

The situation is worse nowhere, but fate presents a man with an excellent gift in the face of a charming person. It is she who is able to change the life of the main character for the better. And he is ready to give in to temptation. How will events develop in the future, you will find out by looking at this touching comedy?


Watch Russian film "The eternal life of Alexander Khristoforov" (2018) online free comedy hd 720-1080


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Eternal life of Alexander Khristoforov 2018 - Information about the film and release date:

A country: Russia

Director: Evgeny Shelyakin
Screenwriters: Evgeny Shelyakin, Pavel Usachev, Pavel Vinogradov, Vyacheslav Omutov, Alexey Guskov

Operator: Arthur Gimpel
Composers: Mikhail Morskov, Artyom Fedotov
Artists: Agi Davaha, Nikita Trubetskoy
Producers: Alexey Guskov, Jacob Drabkin

Cast: Alexei Guskov, Oksana Fandera Pauline Pushkaruk Timothy Tribuntsev Igor Ugolnikov Roman Roman Kurtsyn Sergei Epishev Lydia Velezheva Alexei Vertkov Stanislav Lyubshin Sergei Pokhodaev, Igor Gordin, Sergei Burunov Julia Zimin Igor Hripunov Christina Grandma, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Alexander Gokh, Stepan Devonin, Irina Kireeva

Production: Studio 58,5 Production
Premiere: October 8 2018 (Russia)
Genre: Comedy, Adventures


Stills from the film “The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov” 2018 Comedy | Photos of actors


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