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About the plot of the series "Witch" 2019 / Melodrama / Mystic / Ukraine / Russia 

рThe Russian Witch 2019 action series on the Russia 1 channel with a mystical touch begins with how the inhabitants of a small village found themselves in an extremely mysterious situation, the existence of which hardly many inhabitants suspect. The lives of several heroes of an exciting love melodrama crossed at once, and it is almost impossible to find the beginning and end of this tangle. Sonya is one of the most beautiful girls in the village, and she is in love with an ordinary blacksmith.

But Roman does not share the feelings of the young beauty. On her birthday, Sonya decided to invite the guy, thinking that although at the festival she could win his attention. The guy accepted the invitation, but only out of politeness. When he went to the celebration, he passed by the river. He heard something incomprehensible and soon saw a man drown. The man, without hesitation, rushed to the rescue. A young girl was drowning.

She soon regained consciousness, but it turned out that she remembers absolutely nothing. Roman decided to settle her in, and then he thought that he needed to contact a local fortuneteller for help. She abruptly refused at first, but then decided to take up the matter. Sonia cannot calmly look at this whole situation, of course, she is jealous, it is foolish to deny this fact. She is ready for anything, so that only her rival disappears from her life, she hates the saved girl named Nadia so much.

Trailer | 17 Premiere June 2019 

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Witch 2019 - Release Date and andinformation about the series:

A country: Russia

Director: Sergey Borchukov
Operator: Alexander Klimenko
Producer: Victor Prikhodko

Actors: Anastasia Stezhko, Ilya Akintiev, Glafira Tarkhanova, Mitya Labush, Elena Drobysheva, Boris Smolkin, Andrey Barilo, Valery Afanasyev, Olga Grishina, Maria Tarasova

Premiere: 17 Jun 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 16
Genre: Melodrama, films about Love, mystical series


The official instagram actress Anastasia Stezhko (Anastasiya Stezhko) / Photo - Video


The official instagram actress Glafira Tarkhanova (Glafira Tarkhanova) / Photo - Video


Images from the TV series “The Witch” 2019 channel Russia 1 | Photos of actors


  1. Elena Klimova He speaks

    And where did Roma take her clothes? On the market?

  2. Elena Klimova He speaks

    And where did Roma take her clothes?

    1. Elena Klimova He speaks

      I am watching the fourth episode ... It’s all the same ... It’s very good to fall asleep under this “film” ... And the play of actors is generally a separate topic ... Like schoolchildren in an amateur art group.

  3. lili He speaks

    boring, stupid movie, the same thing, boring, wasted time,

  4. milena He speaks

    how can you watch this movie ... shit

  5. Lidia He speaks

    A cool movie, really looking forward to the 9 series.

  6. Eugene He speaks

    Really just fall asleep. Actors are not the first day in the profession, but they seem to come up with words as they go along. And Zoe doesn't talk at all naturally. They even move like something else ... You watch the series and you understand that you don’t even have any emotions, and this is bad

  7. Lesya He speaks

    Cool series. Actors cool !!!!! I like everything very much ... I'm waiting for the 11 series. With a man you need to fall asleep, and not under the series !!!! Such events open and you will not fall asleep at all !!!!

    1. Elena Klimova He speaks

      Here people write comments to the film, but they are not waiting for advice, especially, that they do not need ...

  8. Natalia He speaks

    The series perked up when Rosa appeared. Plays very well!)

  9. a guest He speaks

    What a delusional film, they see the future, then no witch suddenly sees that there is no curse. Complete nonsense.

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