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Windy / Hercai (2019) Turkish serial in Russian watch online drama

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About the plot of the series “Windy / Hercai"2019-2020 / Drama / Turkey

ТThe Atv eCanal represents the vieweru, dramatic Turkish episode “Windy” 2019 onlineshot by Cemal Shan. Turkish girl strongly dreamed of love, believed that there are no things that would be impossible. Her friends were disappointed, they broke their hearts, and she did everything to prove the possibility of love. Not far from her house settles a young guy. A newcomer to the city resorts to the help of a girl who tries to please him.

She explains many things and the couple becomes interesting to the public. Passers-by begin to look enviously at the lovers, the neighbors talk about love affairs, but my sister sees that the friendship has not yet grown into more. She decides to take the bull by the horns and declares that the man is also sympathetic to her, decides to claim his love.

Reyyan cannot believe in insolence, but she has nothing to oppose to the decisive actions of her sister. She would not compete with a relative, but she could not refuse to love. The heroine of the drama does not know how to save the situation, the future chosen by her was threatened. The choice is between giving up feelings and taking a risky step towards a young youth. She will reveal her feelings or give happiness to her native person. The choice will have to make their own.

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Turkish TV series "Vetrenny / Hercai ”season 1,2,3 - Information about the series:

A country: Turkey
Director: Cemal /an / Cemal Şan
Movie Studio: Mia Yapım

Actors: Akyn Akynuzyu, Ebru Shahin, Gulchin Santyroglu, Serkhat Tutumluer, Ayda Axel, Madjit Sonkan, Serdar Ozer, Oya Unustasy, Tansu Tashanlar, Servet Pandur, Inji Shen, Eda Bashlamyshly
Premiere: March 2019 turkey series watch online
Episode Length: 2 h. 30 min
Genre: Turkish series, drama, love series



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The official instagram Turkish actress Ebru руahin (Ebru ahin) / Photo / Video

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The official instagram of the Turkish actress Gulchin Santoglu (Gülçin Ergül) / Photo / Video

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Images from the series “Windy / Hercai”2019 Turkey | Photos of actors



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