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About the plot of the TV program “Have you seen the video?” 2019-2021 on Channel One / Russia

еA few years ago, everyone around asked each other "Did you hear, read?", now you can hear more and more often when they ask the question "Have you seen the video?"On Channel One. For this, it is worthwhile to thank our age of high technologies, because now almost every person has cameras with cameras.

There were times when only wealthy people could get cameras for themselves, and even then you wouldn’t be very much blasphemed with this huge “machine”, and you still have to find a decent shot to shoot in time. But now everyone can become a real mobile reporter who will take the phone out of his pocket at any moment and take on what millions of viewers look on the network.

Some never part with their phones, recording everything that happens to them. Yes, basically this is boring boring, but the chance to not miss something worthwhile increases several times. There are people who are trying to "play" some funny and incredible action, supposedly happened by accident.

And there are always those who pull out the phones and take this action. Then the main character will definitely be able to get into the "Saw Video" show. The main rule of transmission - do not hold the phone upright.



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Images from the TV show “Have you seen the video?” Channel One | Photo leading and participants


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