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Смотреть ужасы Вирус 2016 онлайн кино в хорошем качестве hd 720 бесплатно

About the plot of the movie "Virus / Viral" 2016 online | Thriller | Science Fiction | Horror | Drama | USA |

Дve sisters Emma (Sofia Black-D'Elia) and Stacy (Analyzing Tipton) live in a small town where every person knows each other. Life develops quite in its usual way and one doesn’t even have to dream of anything more. Everything goes perfectly everyday and it remains only to rely on the fact that they will be able to fulfill their dreams.

Main characters of the American film “Virus” 2016 online Often they like to run out of the house to private parties, because there they can relax normally. But at one point, the situation changes dramatically and begins to spin out of control. It happens that, to the great chagrin of the city, an epidemic of an unknown virus suddenly breaks out. People quickly become infected and die. To survive in this dreadful situation, the sisters are hiding in the house. There they expect to wait until help comes to them.

Along with them there is a neighbor boy named Evan. But Emma noticed that her sister still managed to catch the infection. Naturally, this is a real nightmare and now the girl is faced with a difficult choice. She will either have to leave her sister to die, or stay with her and hope that the virus will not touch her. The situation is incredibly difficult and complex, so you have to hope only for a favorable outcome.


 The film “Virus / Viral” 2016 watch online in high quality hd 720

Dear visitors, we are sorry, but the film “Virus” was deleted to us at the request of the copyright holder. but you can watch the equally exciting movie “Media” 2008 and others.


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A country: USA

Directors: Henry Just, Ariel Shulman
Screenwriters: Christopher Beau Landon, Barbara Marshall
Operator: Magdalena Gurka
Composer: Rob Simonsen
Artist: Chris Trujillo
Produced by: Jason Bloom, Stuart Ford, Todd King, James Moran, Stephen Squilante
Actors: Sophia Black-d'Elia, Anali Tipton, Michael Kelly, Colson Baker, Brianna Howe, Judiann Elder, John Cotran Jr., Christopher Wagelin

Production: Blumhouse Productions, IM Global Octane, Busted Shark Productions
Premiere: July 29 2016 (USA), March 10 2016 (Russia)
Genre: thriller, fiction, drama, horrors



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