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Taste of Happiness series (2018) watch free melodrama

Smotret serial vkus schastya 2018 online Ukraina youtebem.com

Вкус счастья сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама

Ukrainian series “Taste of Happiness / Relish Happiness” 2018 watch online for free all series in a row 1-4 

Гmain characters Ukrainian TV series “Taste of Happiness” 2018 Valeria (Anna Koshmal) and Natalia (Claudia Drozd) sisters who were left early without parental care and love. Now the underage Natalya faces childhood in an orphanage. She is helped to avoid this by her beloved sister, who, due to her age, can arrange custody of the child. They were family, the only people in the world to whom you can come, so each did everything possible to make each other happier.

For several years they lived in the same apartment, not knowing scandals and misunderstandings, convinced that it would always be like this. Times go by, and Natasha decides that she does not want to stay in the stuffy city. She collects things and goes to Moscow. Natalya is sure that finding a job in the capital is not the most difficult ordeal. Having put the clothes in a suitcase, promising to constantly call, tell you if everything is in order, they say goodbye. On arrival, the girls do call up often and share their impressions and concerns.

Lera is happy, the heroine of the touching drama is halfway to the dream, so she wishes her continued success. Some time later, they begin to communicate less and less, each has found a purpose and they are no longer one, but self-sufficient individuals. It would seem that they will never bring life together, but unexpectedly for themselves they fall in love with one guy. Will they be able to remain best friends, or will the crush break the strong bonds that they once had?

Multi-part film “Taste of Happiness / Relish Happiness” 2018 watch online all series in a row 1-4 Ukraine TV channel


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A country: Ukraine

A Taste of Happiness 2018 - FILM INFORMATION:

Director: Alexander Budyonny
Screenwriters: Elena Zueva, Alena Platun
Operator: Yuri Danube
Artist: Marina Pshenichnikova
Produced by: Vladislav Ryashin, Artem Dollezhal, Alexander Bezverkhy

Actors: Claudia Drozd, Anna Koshmal, Alexander Pashkov, Vladimir Lilitsky, Mikhail Khimichev, Stalin Lagoshnyak, Alexey Smolka, Ksenia Mishina, Vlad Nikityuk
Production: channel TRC Ukraine
Premiere: December 30 2018 (TRK Ukraine), May 12 2019 (Russia 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama

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