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About the plot of the film "Rise / Revolt" 2017 online | Fantasy | Action | South Africa | USA

Вthe uprising, someone else invaded Earth, and began to crush it mercilessly. All living things were destroyed at once, no mercy. One of the professional fighters in their field comes to the rescue. They talked about him as a hero. Brave and brave, born with a gun in his hands. Can he do it? After all, aliens are completely intelligent, they can not be pierced with ordinary weapons. There are terrible colossus to the officer, that he will face for the first time in his life. Aliens made a landing on Earth pursuing a single goal, to capture and destroy people.

The African continent, where strangers began their atrocities was the beginning. It is there that the hero the fantastic movie “Uprising” 2017 online meets with them face to face. The rapid attacks of alien invaders take everyone and everyone off-guard. Fighting vehicles scatter in different directions, like toy cars. Now, a man realizes that this is the worst war ever to be imagined.

The hero of the action movie immediately begins to think about what can be invented. The aliens make a proposal to surrender to all mankind and not to resist. Many understand that it sounds more like a real death sentence to themselves. The surviving refugees find shelter as hidden as possible, the jungle, the ruins, the only thing left. Earthlings are trying with all their might to fight and fight back. Each new skirmish brings new sacrifices.



Fantastic film “Revolt” 2017 watch online action movie in excellent quality hd 720-1080


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A country: USA, South Africa

Writer: Joe Miale
Operator: Carl Walter Lindenlaub
Composer: Bear McCreerie
Artist: Victor Botha
Producers: Rory Aitken, Nicolas Cartier, Jonathan Dekter, Zev Foreman, James Harris, Joshua Horsfield, Ben Pug, Brian Kevano-Jones
Casting Director: Colin Jones

Actors: Lee Pace, Berenis Marlo, Vandil Molebatsi, Sekotati Ck Tsubane, Leroy Gopal, Velil Nzunza, Tom Fairfoot, Sandy Schosana, Jason Fleming, Sibulele Gsilitshana, Andrei

Production: POW Movie, 42, Tea Shop & Film Company
Genre: Fantastic, action



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