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East-West series (2016) 1 season to watch online free

Watch East-West TV series (2016) online for free all series in succession melodrama in good quality HD 720 on the entertainment site Youtebem.com

Smotret serial Vostok Zapad 2016 sezon 1

The joint Russian-Turkish series “East-West / Eastern sweets / Homemade solodoshchі"1 season 2016 watch online all series in a row 1-24 melodrama

Нfor ten years, Igor and Tatiana live together. The head of the family is at the helm of a private investment-based firm. The woman also does not lag behind her stately second half, she brings a satisfactory budget, working in a law office. Relations in the couple evolved the best way, the guys traveled and enjoyed the family life.

Watch the series “East-West” (2016) online for free all series in a row melodrama in good quality by Eugenia Vine

However, heroes in love the film “East-West” 1 season seriously thinking about having a baby. No pathologies were found on the examination of his wife and spouse. Experts, in turn, recommend that young people change their habitual way of life or find an alternative. Soon Igor begins cooperation with Turkish partners interested in working with a Russian company. The entrepreneur receives an invitation to visit for the signing of an influential contract.

Future companions pay in advance for accommodation and expenses during the business trip. At the celebration of the anniversary of the mother-in-law, a man announces a family holiday, which will be held on the coast of Istanbul. The spouse did not wait for the words of gratitude from Tatyana, instead he received only criticism in his address because of a hasty decision. Meanwhile, the woman is trying to convey her vision of the disadvantages and advantages of marriage.


The series “East-West” series with 1-24

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You can watch the second season with us by clicking on this link ⇒ 2 SEASON
Watch online series “East-West / Short Litters”»2016 1 season in good quality HD 720 all series in a row for free film on the Home channel - it is possible online on tablets and smartphones Android, iPad, iPhone (iPad, iPhone, Android) and on other mobile devices smotret serial vostok zapad on the entertainment site youtebem.com
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Country: Russia, Turkey
Director: Denis of Olives
Scenario: Maria Shulgina, Elizaveta Tikhonova
Producer: Alexey Terentyev, Vlad Ryashin, Lika Blank
Operator: Vadim Savitsky
Production: Star Media
Genre: melodrama
Original titles: Skh_dnі solodoshchі | Doğu'nun tutkusu
Another name: Eastern sweets

Starring: Evgenia Loza, Adnan Koch, Yakov Kucherevsky, Shenay Ba, Anna Varpakhovskaya, Olga Lukyanenko, Uyur Hakan Günery, Engiz Ozsayin, Alie Uzunatagan, Aishegul Durmaz, Alexan Chetinkaya, Akhtem Seitablaev, Daria Yuzhad O’khed Kishe, Alexey Smolka, Valeriy Legin, Erkam Aydar, Anna Sagaidachnaya

How to marry a foreigner and not regret. In the studio ETV performer starring "East-West" - Eugenia Loza in the company of experts will discuss the burning problems of international marriages.

The official instagram actress Evgenia Loza (Evgeniya Loza) / Photo / Video

Watch East-West TV series (2016) online for free all series in succession melodrama in good quality HD 720 on the entertainment site Youtebem.com
Actors Evgenia Loza and Adnan Koç photo

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