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Smotret serial Vperedi den 2018 online by Rossia Youtebem.com

About the plot of the series “Ahead of the Day” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-8 / Melodrama / Russia 1

ДEighties - a difficult and very dangerous time. The main characters soap opera “Ahead of the day” on the channel Russia 1 online - 3 charming women. Lena, Nina are the wives of very wealthy “new Russians”, Mila is on the contrary the most ordinary housekeeper living on a salary. In one of the fateful days, all three ladies learn that they are pregnant. Kirill (Sergey Gorobchenko) and Nina have been married for a long time, but as it turned out, not only his legal wife, but also the maid was pregnant from the man. However, the heroine of the serial the film of the 8 series, they are not going to stay idle, and are willing to make any sensible decision. Rivals are aggressive and can not wait to meet with each other. Their plans sharply violate the ongoing scuffle between gangs. At the same time, against the background of criminal stripping, three women begin labor.

Сериал "Впереди день" смотреть мелодраму онлайн канал Россия на ютубе

Bloody gangster clash - leave an indelible emotional impression in the memory of three women. After all the emergencies, the main characters sharply change relations with each other and eventually become close people. Lena (Irina Goryacheva), Mila (Maria Kulikova) and Nina (Ekaterina Rednikova) daughters are born. After the disclosure of fraud, Cyril realizes that he will not be able to return to his former life and decides to quit Nina and marry Millet. Time does not stand still. And now the once poor housemaid Mila becomes a rich and successful lady. Nina and Lena, on the contrary, need money, and they hardly have enough money to cover all their expenses. Mila does not leave her friends in a difficult life situation. Therefore, trying to help two women not only with moral support, but also financially.

Gradually, the daughters of three women are growing up. The children of the main characters are Ira, Olya and Masha. Young beauties spend a lot of time together and do not want to part. They are going to celebrate their birthday together, but suddenly an uninvited guest breaks their plans. Former accomplice of Cyril, who appeared in the life of the main characters - requires the return of a decent amount of money. In a single moment, the feeling of celebration and fun disappears, and life begins to turn on its head.

Watch the series “Ahead of the Day” online all series 1-8 in a row (2018)


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Director: Evgeny Semenov
Writer: Ganna Slutsky
Operator: Sergey Schulz
Artist: Akhshar Tsavkilov
Producers: Irina Smirnova, Ilya Papernov
Actors: Ekaterina Rednikova, Irina Goryacheva, Maria Kulikova, Sergey Gorobchenko, Maya Gorban, Alexander Tulinova, Yana Guryanova, Mikhail Pshenichny, Alexander Nikitin, Alexander Astashyonok, Vitaly Egorov, Denis Starkov, Evgeny Berezovsky, Sevastian Bugaev

Production: Russian
Premiere: October 8 2018 (Russia 1)
Series: 8
Genre: Romance

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