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About the plot of The Time of the Dogs / The Hunter's Prayer 2017 online | Action | Thriller | Germany | Spain | USA

МYoung girl Ella Hutto (Одежда Раш) hates his father. And all because in childhood heroines the movie “Time of Dogs” 2017 online he did not pay attention to her, the parent never was interested in her opinions on any matter. Her father sent Ella to Switzerland to get an education in this country, but the girl only gets worse from this state of affairs. In this school, where the girl came, you can’t even smoke or talk to guys, repressions and rules start from the doorway.

But that didn’t stop Ella, and she ran off to see a guy she liked. But on one of the dates the young man did not come. But this is not the whole trouble. Someone begins to follow Ella, and she immediately notices. At this time, a man is about to shoot at Ellie. But the one who followed the girl shot the arrow first. The stranger told the girl that she should go after him, he put her in a car and drove in an unknown direction.

But they are not able to escape - several cars are starting to drive behind them, and people in them wanted to kill the girl. And Ella can not understand what she did, that such a hunt begins. When the car stopped, the girl began to ask the driver what was the matter and what was going on. She had already guessed that she was in danger because of her father’s activities.



Watch the movie “Time of Dogs” 2017 online free thriller in excellent quality hd 720-1080

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The Time of Dogs / The Hunter's Prayer - Movie Info:

A country: Spain, Germany, USA

Director: Jonathan Mostow
Writer: Paul Leiden
Operator: Jose David Montero
Composer: Federico Husid
Artist: Thomas Vot
Producers: Tove Christensen, Hugo Heppell, Ildiko Kemeni

Starring: Sam Worthington, odeya rush, Alicia Silverstone, Martin Compston, Veronica Echegi, Allen Leech, Youel Kinnaman, Rachael Taylor, Eudald Font, Samir Elidzheti, Imelda Staunton, Claudia Trujillo, Matt Townsend, Amy Lendeker Paul Sedot Tina Meskell, Julian Kay, Gary Dunnington, Dean S. Jagger

Production: Apollo Media, Full Clip Productions, Vandal Entertainment, HP Yorkshire Limited, FilmEngine, Maple Leaf Films
Premiere: 9 Jun 2017 (USA), 8 Jun 2017 (Russia)
Genre: Thrillerthriller



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