War Thunder - Free Online War Game (Ad)

“War Thunder” - This is a super-exciting army MMO online game of the next generation, dedicated to combat aircraft, armored vehicles and fleets of the 2 era of World War. You have to take part in fights in all major theaters of warfare around the world.

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The best clip of all times and peoples, ever filmed about the Great Patriotic War! Promo video War Thunder


In Game much attention is paid to technology, the development of the player and his capabilities. You will be able to try out hundreds of aircraft models, and once inside the detailed cockpit, you can get into the battle atmosphere as much as possible.

As is known, not only aircraft played a large role in the war, therefore in War Thunder Various ground and marine equipment will be presented. You can play not only against each other, but also jointly complete various missions.

What attracts users to the game?'

  • A variety of PvP-mode large-scale battles;
  • Control settings that give the opportunity to play and have fun for both novice players and experienced pilots, fighting together;
  • PvE content for both single-player and multi-player network games: Dynamic Campaign, Individual Missions, Mission Editor and other modes;
  • Many detailed recreated models of aircraft with elaborate cockpits, ships and tanks;
  • Impressive graphics, authentic sounds and wonderful orchestral music and much more.

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