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Three days before the love series (2018) watch online melodrama

Smotret serial Za tri dnya do lubvi 2018 onlne Ukraina Youtebe.com

About the plot of the series “Three days before love / Three days before the night” 2018 online for free / Melodrama / Ukraine

За три дня до любви сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама

В three days allotted to two young heroes Ukrainian soap opera “Three days before love” watch online, their usual disposition will change radically. The modern world does not stand still and with incredible speed exalts new changes. Beauty and clever named Dana (Anastasia Karpenko) considered her life a fairy tale. The permissibility of the girl is absolutely any whim, a number of true friends are present, and the money, even with a rowing shovel, does not end there.

So soon the prospects for a successful business are in doubt because of the frivolous attitude to assets. Instantly, Paul from a wealthy man re-qualifies as a poor man with no future. Heroes of the series are found in Odessa, where the guy shares pressing problems with Dana.

The main character of a multi-part melodrama makes a tempting offer for Pasha - she will pay off current debts from his own pocket, provided that he devotes her 72 hours to her. Three days, during which falsehood becomes active, a tense smile and a lie. A pretty good deal, granting financial freedom to a man for spending time with an outwardly attractive person. In a short period, the joy of gain is replaced by a strong feeling. The couple is eager to extend the happy moments, but both have something to lose and they are afraid ...

The series “Three days before love” 2018 online melodrama all series in a row 1-16


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A country: Ukraine
Original title: Three days before the kohan
Director: Sergey Shcherbin
Screenwriter: Irina Chernova
Operator: Anton Verbin
Composers: Sergey Morozov, Lyudmila Morozova
Artist: Vladimir Olkhov
Producers: Victoria Lezina-Maslyanaya, Elena Vasilyeva, Alexander Tkachenko

Starring: Anastasia Karpenko Anton Denisenko, Daria Egorkina, Aleksandr Kobzar, Elizabeth Kurbanmagomedova, Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Andrew Mostrenko Tamara Morozova, Alexander Hetman, Dainis Grube, Alexander Gannochenko Larisa Rusnak, Alla Maslennikov Evgeny Swan, Stanislav Brzezinski, Alexei Cherevatenko, Vladislav Onishchenko, Maria Zanyborsch, Anatole Von-Filandra, Nataliya Tsyganenko, Arsen Bosenko, Artyom Myaus, Ekaterina Schenfeld, Eva Shevchenko-Golovko, Anzhelika Eshbaeva, etc.
Premiere: February 19 2018 (1 + 1, Ukraine)
Series: 16
Genre: Melodrama

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